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Off work...again

Hello ladies,

Sorry to be a grump but I'm feeling very down today. My chest pains from Friday have gone on all weekend and have left me feeling utterly exhausted. I'm not meant to take ibuprofen for the time being so everything else hurts and im left with codeine and paracetamol so I'm either asleep or feeling sick. Best bit is I feel so wiped and in so much pain I'm off work again. So cue a load of worry about how work are going to take it. It's leaving me very low.

Off to bug my gp for the second time in 4 days. Wish me luck


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Hi, I'm off work today to, had diarrhoea all day yesterday from a dodgy curry, and that's played havoc with my insides, now I'm exhausted and in pain, 

Regarding feeling sick, you can get sickness pills from doc

Good luck,


I am in my fourth week off work (last week and this week are recovering after my first lap) and I'm feeling really down too.  Keep bursting into tears all the time, it's awful isn't it.  I took that Omeprazole for chest pains over Christmas and found it really helped and cured the pains, I think I took it for 2 weeks on total.  Hope you are both feeling better soon xx


Hi Rachel, I had bad gastric pain last year and prescribed omeprazole for 3mths which mostly improved it and I thought my endometriosis (diagnosed a month ago) wasn't at all connected to that but from reading a few comments on here including yours I'm wondering because the chest pain does come back sometimes and it's not nice. Did the doc say tours was connected? X 


I never really thought to ask to be honest as I just assumed it wasn't related.  I had similar about 5 years go which my GP said was caused by stress as my grandma was terminally ill, I just thought it was because of stress again that I got it over Christmas.   I will certainly ask my consultant when I go back and see him in a few weeks. Xx


Well either way, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I always connected my stress and gastric pain with work and I think it was a bit of that but endometriosis trumps all of that! Yuk. Take care X 


Thank you, you too xx


Aww, bless you. I'm in my 4th week off post lap. I feel a bit like my employers patience is wearing thIn but the number of good days is far outweighed by the bad ones so I just can't justify going in and throwing myself back into it. Hope you're able to relax a bit, you're not alone. Xx 

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