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Time off work

Just wondering how much time people take off work with Laps and bad days.

I've started a new job which I love. I'm 3 months in to a 6 month probation period. I really want to make a good impression and even though some days are really hard I try my best to cover up what I'm going through and get on with it.

I am waiting for a referral for a Lap but I haven't yet had it.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, I got a sick note for two weeks, I work in an office and could easily have gone back after 1 week, I recovered really quickly but everyone is different x


How much time you will need off work will depend largely on what is done during your lap, whether its diagnostic or if you have endometriosis removed. Do you know what is intended for your lap? X


Hi i was initially given a two week sicknote but have been given an extra week as I am still feeling tired and a bit weak. That is because my job role requires some walking around.


I had endo on my bowel, bladder, Pouch of Douglas, uterosacral ligaments and peritoneum and I was off work for 6 weeks. I could probably have gone back after 5, but I was happy with the extra week.


I *think* the average is five days if it's just a standard investigation. I'm also waiting on mine.... I'm freelance but have moved work for my original date and then the hospital cancelled it and now it affects another job I have booked. Can't bloody win. But an op is an op. They have to accept it... It's not like it's a D&V bug and you're blagging it. Just be honest with them.x


I had to take nearly three weeks off after my lap as there were complications. I found honesty was the best policy and my line manager was really supportive in fact they were the ones who said don't come back until you are well, as my job is physical. My second op (which I had a few months later for endo) I was back after a couple of days.


First lap, to drain a cyst only, I was signed off for 2 weeks, but felt Fine after about 8-10days. Second op I had the same time off, but had a huge cyst excised and some further surgery. Could have done with 3 weeks off that time to be honest and I struggled with my desk job.

This last lap was tough going. 5 cysts excised, rectovaginal endo excised, adhesions removed and a few other bits done..... I was signed off for nearly 6 weeks and I needed it! Only was just starting to feel OK at about 10 weeks post op....still got healing to do an I'm nearly 3 months post op.

It will deffinately depend on what you have done, and how long the surgery is. Just be sure to really rest up after the operation and not to go back to work until you feel fully able to... You will still be healing internally long after your excision wounds have started to heal. X


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