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I am considering trying the Mirena coil again and was just wondering what other people were using? I'm currently on combined pill but having awful pain when I'm on, i've been prescribed mefanemic acid which is helping but I'm still having problems getting through a saturday night when i'm on. I had the mirena removed last time as I could feel it a little but i'm now thinking a little discomfort is better than this! What experiences have others had with implants or the depo injection?

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I have the mirena- can't have the pill due to sues migraines and husband hates condoms(plus I have a history of disasters with them!) blamed lots of my post lap pain on the coil but with hindsight it was probably my endo. Tajes a few months to settle down I wad told and think that's true. Also I hardly ever bleed and gp advised to leave it in for that. Previously I bled through layers of clothing onto furniture and floors. Lots of embarrassment and black clothes :( x


Thanks for the reply, I am starting to wonder if the discomfort I had all the time with the mirena was the endo rather than the coil?? Am really fed up with period pain so think I'll give it another go.


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