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Contraceptive pill versus no contraceptive pill

Ladies, I'm keen to get your thoughts on a question milling around in my head. I'm currently taking Noriday (Norethisterone 350 micrograms) and am questioning if I should be having a natural, pill free cycle.

I am seeing my consultant next week, and will be raising the same question with him, but was keen to see what you thought from a first hand point of view. Pill or no pill?

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If your happy with your natural cycle then stick with it, unless you are on the pill for a reason i.e birth control or to ease endo symptoms, then I see no need for you to take it. I've had the mirena coil twice to reduce symptoms of endometriosis first one was fine but second one has not worked a bit, as if my endo is immune to it!


I can't remember what my natural cycle was like - there was reason for me going on the pill, but I can't remember what this was! I remember being offered the coil and the implant and both felt a bit too permanent - it was my first time on a progesterone only pill and it took two attempts to get me on one that didn't make me an emotional wreck, and I didn't fancy something going on me that would do the same and couldn't be stopped! From a birth control point of view, once I've had a lap and it's all a little bit more manageable down there, im going to try and copper based coil, as it seems the most gentile on the hormones and body, but we shall see!


Thanks Lisa. I've actually started reading that book, hence my question. I'm starting by trying to follow her dietry advice, but am thinking its a little pointless if I'm on an artificial bleed. That said, her book doesn't actually cover the progesterone only pill, which is what I'm on, so I've no idea how that works on the artificial hormone scale! Blimey, it's a complex one!


Hi if you are diagnosed or suspect/know you have endo then the pill can be one of the less extreme ways to help manage things on offer. I hope you have a supportive doctor who will work with you and listens. Whether the type of pill you are taking is right for you, or to be on it right now is something you may just have go through for a few months to find out if it helps or is worth any side effects.

As a younger healthier and undiagnosed woman I was opposed to having my cycle regulated by drugs. These days, approaching 40, I am only functional to be a mother and work part time thanks to the pill and the control I have with taking it continiously. I take Qlaira (Australian brand of dienogest) and it does not give me noticable side effects like weight gain, moodiness, spotting etc that other pills did once I had been on it a few months. That was years ago now. I found this pill myself through a process of trial and error of about 4 types and also not being on hormones over a few years. This medication has helped me. I still have extreme pain and the horrid fatigue from stage 3 endo and adenomyosis at times, but it feels more manageable on this pill. My quality of life is better & its worth the cost to be on this medication.

I hope you can work out what is right for you, this forum is a great resource. Best of luck 😄

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I'm talking to my GP next week, as I can't remember the reasoning behind me going back on the pill - 3 years ago, after 15 years ok the pill, I embraced my natural cycle. I don't recall is being horrific, but I honestly can't remember! I think talking to my GP first, and then my consultant is the best way forward!


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