Travel insurance with endo

Hi, can I ask non medical thing but kind of endo related please?

I have to travel by plane in summer. I need to have a travel insurance and trying to get one online. Does anyone know which company will do with existing medical condition? I had a diagnose lap and I have dense adhesion in my pelvic area and a little bit of endo PoD but not treatment lap yet as I am on the waiting list. Some company won't let me get insurance online as I am on the waiting list.

Can someone give me advice please? Thanks.

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  • Tesco do, I've had insurance through them a couple of times you just have to mention Endo when you apply for it. I don't think they charge a lot extra for it.

  • Hi.

    I usually have the travel insurance that comes with my current account - I have found that they will cover you as long as you declare it.

    Do remember that if you are travelling to EU you need the EHIC for emergency treatment.


  • M&S also do a travel insurance that allows you to declare multiple conditions on one policy quite easily. It's easy to get a quote online too.

  • I have used the AA in the past but have had problems with some insurance companies

  • Thanks I will try Tesco, M&S, AA! I don't think my current account has a travel insurance with it though.

  • I'm with natwest and get travel insurance with my current account. I've not travelled since getting diagnosed with endo but travelled to South East Asia with relatively severe asthma and was no problem. Plus it covers skiing, sky diving, etc etc

  • I've not had any problems getting insured with endometriosis - as long as you declare your condition when you buy the insurance, you might be asked a couple of (normal) questions about if you've been diagnosed via laparoscopy and when/if you've had any surgery.

  • Thanks for more replay. I think I had a bit more problem as I am on the waiting list and I had to tick on that bit and some of the website said call the company.

    I have an appointment in the end of February and will know more about when my next lap will be. I am wondering if I should get an insurance after that or even after the lap (well depend when the lap is).

    Thanks ladies!

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