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Travel insurance - covers cancellation due to surgery?

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I booked a holiday for August at the beginning of this year... in March I was put on a waiting list for a laparoscopy, which I was told would be within 3 months. Today was told it is likely to be in August.

Does anyone know if any travel insurance companies will cover cancellation due to a surgery if I am given a date on or close to when I am supposed to be away?

Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

8 Replies
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I don't think It does as the surgery is for a non life threatening problem and need to have it done asap.

If your operation can be re-arranged then travel insurance would probably prefer you to do that.

Having said that it can differ with each insurance company so best to call yours up and check x

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pinktiger33 in reply to luthien

Thanks so much for getting back to me, do you know if I would be pushed to the back of the waiting list if I declined the surgery?

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Peebles2sarah in reply to pinktiger33

It really depends on your surgeon.. they definitely could do this. I had a really great surgeon that kind of worked around my school schedule but I wasn’t really on a waiting list per say.. more like just waiting for a surgery date to open in the OR in general. I would call and ask your office!

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luthien in reply to pinktiger33

I'm not sure, usually yes :( but best to call your surgeons secretary and ask, sometimes they'll have a few extra "cancellation" appointments for when you get back so you could possibly delay it by a few weeks. Some places may just say they'll cancel and put you back on the list - which is usually at the end as if you've just had your referral the day you called to cancel.

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They likely would only cover it if it was emergent :(

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pinktiger33 in reply to Peebles2sarah

Thank you for replying, do you know if I would be pushed to the back of the waiting list if I declined the surgery?

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Yes they will. I had to cancel my holiday for same reason only thing is they wouldnt pay out for my husband so we lost his money.

Some travel Agents will let u swap holidays if u tell them in time...

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It all depends on the small print in the dense, long and pernickety terms and conditions that each separate Travel Insurance issues. Hardly anyone reads the small print. I would read it carefully if I were you, before you phone. Did you tell them you had endometriosis as one of your health conditions? If not that may cause other problems. They never used to say, clearly, what they class as a 'condition', and for years I never declared my endo. Luckily it was never an issue, but as most Medics then, and lots - still! - now, treat endo issues as if they are inconsequential, or 'just 'period pains (!), then it's not surprising that 1000s of women don't know where they stand.

Sorry to be so negative, but I do not trust TI companies at all. In the UK, the ombudsman receives more complaints about TI companies than any other businesses.

I hope it all goes well for you, but do read the small print in all the documentation, and go for a reputable company, not the cheapest. Check out your companies reputation.

Endo UK - who host this site - might be able to give you advice on things to declare in relation to 'Endo' as a condition, and what to say. Also, people on here may be able to recommend 'really good' TIs, but again ... don't go by cost.

I found 'World First' very good, but have not used them for several years.

Good luck, Gritty

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