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Hi ladies, I'm off for a well deserved break with my partner next month however still need to sort out some holiday insurance. I have just had a quote from stay sure of £54 as I have had to put down I have endometriosis that I have had surgery on and gall stones. Does anyone else know any other companies that give slightly cheaper holiday insurance for women with endo?

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I've always found sainsburys to be the cheapest, and also one of the easiest for declaring medical conditions as all online.


Thank you! I'll check them out :)


You can use the comparison websites for pre existing medical conditions holiday insurance. The cost differences can be staggering between companies. Hope this helps x


I agree, I stated I have Endo and I'm often in hospital because of it and for both me and my fiance to go to turkey it was £19, so definitely go on comparison websites to check them out. I was quoted £92 at first so a big leap!

Leya x


That's about what I paid for 3 weeks in Crete, but I have 4 conditions, so you may get it cheaper. Be careful that you tell them everything, read all the small print online, and when your papers arrive check that there are no changes to the policy wording. Also check the excesses. Some companies won't let you opt out of having conditions covered, while if you do want to opt out and the company allows it, you still have to tell them about it first. There's a company call JD Consultants, I believe they find you the best TI co, once you've told them all your details, but I've never tried them myself, and I think they are more for people with maybe several, current, life threatening conditions. Remember, for any TI Co, their priority is always their profit.


Hi Points94

I work for Free Spirit Travel Insurance who are a specialist travel insurance provider for people like you with pre-existing medical conditions.

We can cover the majority of conditions including Endo. & better still we have no age limits on either our single or annual trips.

You can call us on 0845 230 5000 and speak to a specially trained medical screening operator if you prefer to have that individual assistance or you can issue a policy online at freespirittravelinsurance.com

My daughter & I both have medical conditions and we know how difficult it can be to find the right policy. Despite me working for Free Spirit for the last 17 years I still believe it can be a mine field trying to find that peace of mind insurance that's just right for your needs. I ampassionate about helping people like you and I hope this information has been of use to you.

Happy holidays!




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