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How much private lap endo

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Hello I’ve been following recently and want to get to the bottom of this endo business which I think I have I don’t want a diagnosis lap where I’m stitched up and nothing done but want it gone there and then and to have my baby I’ve been longing for so I’m considering private but I need to know average price I don’t have health insurance but I have savings got appointment in December for gynaecologist but it’s waiting what’s upsetting me it’s affecting my mental health

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Hi I’ve had endo for years but recently paid private to see a doctor in Manchester , who also does nhs. I felt the doc I was under wasn’t listening to me. When I saw the private doc he actually felt a nodule upon examination an said I needed surgery. To go private it would cost about £7000 for the lap and removal of any endo. So he told me to get my G.P to refer me to his nhs clinic, which my doctor did for me but I’m looking at March to get to see him. It’s frustrating as I to have been longing for a baby for years now , with no success in 6 years an I even got knocked back on ivf . I hope everything works out for you x

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Afrohair in reply to Shelly085

Sounds like your getting somewhere now good luck with it all sending baby dust your way x

Just remember that the same standards must be applied whether NHS or private so at a diagnostic lap they would (or should) only treat any mild endo. If more serious stages are encountered then surgery needs to be carefully planned with a team of surgeons working together. We are finding some women having worse treatment privately, with some surgeons doing complex laps alone against regulations. Complex excision for rectovaginal endo with a proper team and scans can be a minimum of 10K.

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Thanks I don’t know what endo stage I have I’m going to an appointment in December to see if they will refer me if not then I will probably go private as it’s taking over my life I don’t want this to define me it’s affecting my relationships with people I no longer go out do nice things can’t even bend without pain just fed up

Hi there, I think it’s great you’re determined to get to the bottom of things - usually if we suspect something is wrong, it is when it comes to endo! I had mine done in London and the cost was around £3500. I understand outside of London it is slightly (maybe £500 less) cheaper.

Good luck!

Also this link is useful in showing a guide to general costs, depending on how severe your endo is. Hope it helps.

Like I said, mine was £3500 at London Bridhe hospital in London with a top surgeon and involved excision of moderate-severe endometriosis.

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Travelr in reply to Cblowfield

Hi can you tell me the name of that surgeon?

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Afrohair in reply to Travelr

I really don’t know the stage as I’ve been experiencing symptoms around 6 month got pregnant in that time but it’s affecting my mental health I’ve just been in a and e with pain on ovaries they are saying it might be pid no scan done as they said I just seem to be getting no where

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Cblowfield in reply to Afrohair

I would certainly think about how much you can afford for the surgery if you are presented with a severe case and then research local private options and pay for a consultation (usually around £150-300) with the consultant/surgeon who could give you an idea of costings. As with almost all initial lap’s, you won’t know if you have endo/how severe/where it is until you have the surgery so I would plan for the.l worst and figure out if you can afford the most expensive option if the endo is very deep/severe. I got pregnant immediately after I had recovered from surgery (sadly miscarried at 11 wks ) but I know the surgery for me was the best decision and deep down if you feel something is wrong, you’re probably right!

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Afrohair in reply to Cblowfield

Thanks I have been pregnant so that’s also a reason I’m so indesisive about surgery I had a misscarrige but hope I will have another baby successfully because it happens to people without endo

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luthien in reply to Cblowfield

Cblowfield this is the same group (in the link) my private specialist in Cheltenham is under so definately say that group contains good specialists

I had private surgery earlier this year and it was around the 6k mark worth it for me as I chose an endo specialist he also did NHS work but his waiting list was very long I had my operation done within 2 weeks, hope you can get sorted x

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Shelly085 in reply to Lou93

What was the name of your surgeon?

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Lou93 in reply to Shelly085

I’m based in Sheffield

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Afrohair in reply to Lou93

Are you in Sheffield could I have more details please I’m in Doncaster nearest I’ve seen is Wakefield I would have liked to pay around 4000 max though do they do payment plan

Hi Afrohair , I am goind for my lap. on 14 nov with the nancy nook surgeon and it cost me 6k. If you are going private then i will advice you to go for nancy nook Doctor.

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Afrohair in reply to Travelr

Who’s Nancy book I’m not on Facebook but keep seeing this

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Lindle in reply to Afrohair

Nancy's Nook is a US group which has no relevance to UK women. They allow a few UK surgeons to promote themselves against the GMC regulations on a list of what I think was just 8 the last time I accessed it. They don't allow any discussion of the many other superb excision surgeons we have in the UK not on their list. More worryingly, there is really bad feedback on some of the Nook surgeons on other groups such as EndoRevisited, a dedicated UK evidence-based group.

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Afrohair in reply to Lindle

I’m in the uk so can’t really benefit me worst of all I’m In Yorkshire I’ve only seen one surgeon in Wakefield on nhs on the bsge web sight or whatever it’s called that will be my nearest almost two hours travelling time by the time I arrive

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Lindle in reply to Afrohair

The BSGE is part of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) whose standards all UK surgeons must follow in order to be licensed to practice. I travelled from Nottinghamshire to Dewsbury in North Yorkshire on my own on 3 trains and back in a taxi with a catheter in. All that matters is that whoever you see, whether NHS or private, has the right training/experience and follows the required standards.

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Afrohair in reply to Lindle

That’s true I want the best care and it’s what I want to push for but it’s very difficult

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Lindle in reply to Afrohair

There is guidance out there. If you were to join FB the group EndoRevisited guides women in the UK to appropriate treatment via all the formal guidelines/standards and there is lots of feedback on surgeons.

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Shisaya_Messi in reply to Lindle

Hi, can you give me more information about this issue? I had excision done by a Nancy specialist and now it is slowly coming back... I'm based in London.

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Lindle in reply to Shisaya_Messi

Hi - will pm the link.

Afrohair- it costs about £3500. My second lap to remove the bowel endo was a bit more because it required an overnight stay, and an additional specialist surgeon - so about £5000 in total.

I'd say the pros of going private are reduced waiting times, a dedicated specialist whom is responsible for your consultations, seeing you pre and post op, your actual surgeon and follow ups. You feel you're listened to as they give you a whole hour to discuss things with you. Any medication / advice / dressings required after your lap are all in a "going home pack" included in the cost. You have your own room and come back to that room after your lap, you have flexibility over when you're ready to go home - my lap was in the morning (admission 7:30am) lap was at 9am, but I could stay there until about 7pm to get collected and head home. My second lap was booked in as two days (same op time) if needed (more invasive) but I had the choice and a discussion with the doctor on duty twice during the day as to whether I was ready to go home - I stayed because I felt like I needed additional pain relief which I did. Obviously overnight then costs more - I think about £500.

Check out the hospital / group you want to go privately with as quite often they have payment plans if you don't have health insurance - as they know the costs and know not everyone can afford it straight away, also it helps with the recovery as you know you won't get landed with a huge invoice two weeks after your lap.

Consultations as you're new will be about £200 for the first one then about £125 after. I only needed two before my lap. Pre-op is included. Plus they book in your post op at two weeks and follow up at 4 months without you needing to do anything. Mine saw me at two weeks and extended my sick note too.

Another pro is be prepared for your specialist to have availability two weeks later for the lap!

You'll need to go to your GP to be referred privately - so check which one you like, have a look at a specialist center near you - or check out a list of specialists from an insurance website (I know you're not getting health insurance) but they list them with their specialisms) I was with WPA and they have a freedom to choose section. Then look a few you like on the internet; they usually have their own website or are listed under the NHS and BUPA and their group - such as Mr Kaloo (mine) under The Gynaecology Group, this will show their interests, qualifications and experience. Then call them up - usually a secretary, book an appointment and explain you'll sort your referral out - contact your GP and say you'd like to be referred to xx.

Hope that helps. Any questions, just ask xx

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Afrohair in reply to luthien

Do you feel you had better treatment afterwards how are your symptoms now

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luthien in reply to Afrohair

I've not had treatment via the NHS so cannot compare. However I can say compared to the NHS treatment other women have had whom have posted on here it's definately a lot better.

Private is definately more focussed around you and what you'd like to do, with more emphasis on excision of endometriosis (best treatment) over other "removal" methods. They don't push anything but give you information and facts, and discuss what would suit you medically, there's no pressure to make a decision there and then; you can go home and think then call the specialists secretary later once you've decided what you'd like to do. They're very focussed on treatment of endo via a lap, and right away rather than just taking a look. If they feel you need an additional surgeon then that will be discussed at your appointment.

I've posted my story which may help with how things have gone for me.

All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !

Definately have a read.

Generally specialists expect a 50% reduction in symptoms after excision surgery so aim for that; think what symptoms reduced would help you cope. Mine are like 90% reduced; I now have about 3 ish days where I have a flare up and just around my period so bloating, cramps, back ache, and headache, with heavy period. It sounds awful still but actually it's the first time since starting periods where I feel "normal". I'm not on any painkillers or hormones. I manage my flareups by taking that day as a work from home, if on a weekend I block it out from socials so I can just relax, hot water bottle, heat patches, and over the counter painkillers for 4 days. I have an aromatherapy massage the day before and monthly back physio (my back is weak). I'm looking into accupuncture.

I liked private because I felt listened to, it's a specialist in endo, they wanted to do a lap to excise it as soon as possible, hospital was so relaxed, own room, my own specialist sees me for everything. NHS I've heard it can be different specialists at any time whom just look at your notes, plus waiting list is months, if not years for full treatment (as they do the investigation lap first then book removal of endo lap - private I went from first consultation to two laps in about 8 months (one with just my specialist to investigate and remove endo, the second with a colorectal specialist as I was still having symptoms from the remaining bit) including all the additional appointments and recovery.

My story will help expand on the above, as it's different for each person; if they suspect bowel / bladder endo from the beginning they'll have thats pecialist with them from the beginning.

Hi Afrohair,

I have had all my treatment privately due to NHS failures. Since being on this forum, I'm glad I did, as the amount of women being opened up, diagnosed but not treated and seen back up is just incredible. And terrifying!

I found the consultant I wanted first, and then went to the private group covering the hospitals she worked out of.

Mine was BMI, the hospitals included thr BlackheathHospital (which comes under london), the Chelsfield (orpington way) and the Sloane (beckenham).

I had had some form of treatment at all 3, surgeries at Blackheath and Chelsfield. My last laparoscopy was Sep 2018, it was £220 to see consultant and she wanted to do an ultrasound which was on the spot and another £200. She booked me in for a laparoscopy later that week (5 days later). The cost was £4780. It included pre-bloods 48 hrs before, the full operation, and full aftercare and a follow up with the consultant a week or so later to confirm findings and treatment. It covers all eventualities and as long as the consultant approves you need to stay extra nights all stay and related costs are covered. No need to fear "hidden costs" people often tall about.

If you have any questions please do let me know wish you all the best xxx

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ChloeKen6 in reply to Abbbb

Can I ask the name of the consultant that you saw? I am based in South London so will be able to travel to the Sloane or to Chelsfield! Thank you

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Abbbb in reply to ChloeKen6

Oh course, it is Ms Hanna. She is incredible. I would describe her as an acquired taste, she not there to support you shes there to treat you.if you need treatment she will get right to it, very direct. If she feels you should look at other options she will lay it on the table n make it clear what she feels is the right course.

She have me my third baby which is never have had without her expertise, and 2 years later I ran out of treatment options n just had a full hystrecomty and removal of my ovaries at just 33 yrs old. So she was right to press me if I wanted another child and I couldnt be more grateful.

So if she rubs you the wrong way dont forget why you're there! She is very pro having babies and will do anything she can to get you in a position to have the family you desire xxxx

Get a private referral from go, give BMI a call and say you want to see her. She usually has appointments within 7 days, and just because you see her at one hospital doesn mean you have to stuck with it as she visit and does surgery at all 3.

Personal opinion...chelsfield was nicer to have the surgery. Its newer and fresher. Not a major thing but every little helps when the nerves set it in.

You will be fine, feel free to message me if you wish xxxx

You don't need to go privately at all. There are several highly skilled and very experienced endometriosis excision surgeons who work within the NHS and perform advanced excision removing all endometriosis in one sitting also thanks to a team of highly skilled specialists working with them (urologist, colorectal surgeon and neurosurgeon sometimes). They will not cut you open just to stitch you back together and tell you have endo without removing it. They WILL REMOVE IT ALL. They all have +10-20 years of experience with stage 4 and deep-infiltrating endometriosis cases.

If you want me to provide a list containing the names of these well-versed surgeons to optimize your chance of conception (very likely after a well-performed surgery if at least one tube and ovary is there), PM me. I'd be more than happy to provide it to you.

I also encourage you to read the two articles I have written on here.

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Afrohair in reply to StefaniaJW

There a re lots of girls on here who have just had a lap to diagnose and nothing done I really don’t want that I’ve already had 2 c sections please send articles x

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StefaniaJW in reply to Afrohair

No! The surgeons in my list NEVER perform a diagnostic surgery. They perform surgeries to fully and completely excise ALL ENDOMETRIOSIS. I can show you countless reviews and testimonies.

I can assure you private does not better care, not necessarily. Going privately won't guarantee you will have all endometriosis removed because the surgeon might not be trained enough to recognize all lesions ot treat deep-infiltrating endometriosis.

Please inform and educate yourself.

I can’t really answer your question, but just wanted to say that I have had one awful surgical NHS experience (general gynae) and one exceptional experience (NHS BGSE endo specialist). So don’t rule it out altogether. My second surgery was very involved excision surgery, I was in the operating theatre for over 5 hours apparently, and then I stayed in hospital for 3 nights recovery.... I can’t even begin to imagine what this would have cost privately, my care the second time was exceptional, couldn’t fault it. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do, and please look after your mental health on this too.

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Afrohair in reply to girli1969

Hiya I’m on the nhs so far and still want to consider nhs but I’ve had bad experience before with them and went private when I developed alopecia no one would listen so I ended up private or I might have lost all my hair i just want my womb to be protected as they say and don’t want it to get worse as each month I seem to get worse some ladies have waited so long I really don’t want to be waiting years I would rather pay it off aswell if you think of how much time off work I’ve already had

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girli1969 in reply to Afrohair

I quite understand, and cannot imagine how hard this must be when you want to conceive, I was fortunate that I had my daughter when I was only 24 and before my endo had taken a grip! On a positive note, my 42 year old sister in law, also with severe endo, had a beautiful baby girl this year, after years of trying to conceive and various endo related procedures, natural conception too, so keep positive, and best wishes x

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Afrohair in reply to girli1969

thankyou .I noticed symptoms a few year back after a cezerean but thought nothing of it till all the pelvic pain and blood clotted periods started .like you I have a child with my ex but would like another with my current partner I just hope I don’t have a long journey to get it already had a misscarrige and all the time thinking how can I carry a baby if sex is painful and painful abdomen but before my symptoms went when I was pregnant but now my partner is scared to even touch me sometimes I keep trying to explain it’s ok the pain will go when I’m pregnant but it won’t go away till then but he doesn’t understand he thinks I should get better over time but it gets worse over time

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