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Travel insurance

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I'm trying to buy a worldwide annual travel insurance policy but I am struggling to find anything affordable. I have endometriosis and am awaiting a formal diagnosis of which form of inflammatory bowel disease I have. Has anyone used any companies that they can recommend? The only reasonably priced one I found doesn't cover you for any form of accidental injury if you are awaiting any diagnosis! Thanks x

11 Replies
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Hello, I just bought an annual insurance policy from the Post Office. There was an online questionnaire during which I disclosed endometriosis and fibroids. The policy seemed affordable, and the policy seemed reasonable (I hope I checked the small print enough!).

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GrittyReads in reply to Lewlew

Hi Lewlew,

I'm very curious to hear more about your policy with the Post Office. Have they changed their Travel Insurance approach completely, or is this some kind of special policy that you found?

Can you send an online address?

I have not looked at the PO for TI for a year or so, but they used to have a system whereby you had to be able answer about 5 'exclusion questions' and then be able to give all the right answers to about 5 'medical questions' (eg 'no consultants seen /hospital visits in the last year). It was great if you could answer all the questions okay, as you didn't have to do anything else, just pay online! Plus, their policy (I always read all the small print, I'm basically 'TI' phobic) seemed fine with no nasty catches - another company I thought I was pleased with, I later discovered didn't cover me if a plane had to land or divert.

However, my understanding was that if you couldn't answer the PO questions okay, you had to have a 'talk' with one of their proper medical advisors - as far as I'm aware, there was never the option of an online questionnaire, other than the few initial questions. In the past I have not used the PO when I cannot answer all their initial questions favourably, as they don't (didn't?) define what they mean by 'Medical condition' anywhere, and I don't like that.

The vague definitions that many TI companies give for 'Medical conditions' is one of the biggest bugbears for clients, and TI Co.s in general were told off about it a few years back by the Ombudsman. They were 'all' told to tighten up their wordings, and their general act, by the Ombudsman's Office, as they get more complaints about TI companies than any other.

I'm very interested if there is more to the PO policy, now, than I had realised.

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Lewlew in reply to GrittyReads

Hello, I just applied for the main travel insurance policy on their website (I'd better not link to it here, don't want to look like I'm promoting them! Other insurers are available etc.). I was hesitant about taking the health questionnaire but it seemed quite straightforward and I didn't have to speak to anyone on the phone, as it was all done online, and there were few questions. For endo, there were no questions about 'consultants seen' etc.

I hope you find a good policy! Sounds like others have managed to get this covered as well.

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GrittyReads in reply to Lewlew


Thanks for that, I'll have another look at them when I renew. Sounds very different to when I last looked.

I'm not the 'question-poster', ie, not the one with the condition, just a curious 'checker-in' on this site. My endo's never been a problem, but another condition causes no end of problems, which is why I always zone in on any TI questions.

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Sian83 in reply to Lewlew

Thank you. I just had a look though and they want £250. I think the fact I am visiting America is bumping the price up

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I usually go through money supermarket and find a few reasonable policies but never looked at awaiting diagnosis bit. Might be worth a look?

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Hi I just renewed my annual travel insurance and I had to add endometriosis on as i was diagnosed after a laparoscopy in November. I'm with Aviva and they just added it on, no extra charges. My son and I already had 4 health issues registered on the policy and they were great when I first took the policy out. Highly recommended! X

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Sian83 in reply to LeieH80

Hello, I will give them a go thanks. I am reluctant to go with Aviva as I once had to take them to the ombudsman in a case that lasted 2 years. Maybe I'm on their blacklist haha x

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I cannot swear to it for all Travel Insurance companies, but I think it is the norm for them to refuse cover for conditions where you are still awaiting a diagnosis. This appears to be true, even for the companies that specialise in people with pre-existing medical conditions.

You need to remember that TI firms are just out to make money: they want to make a profit for the continued health of their company, and for the income of their shareholders. So, if there's no diagnosis, as yet, they don't know what they may be covering you for, so it becomes too big a financial risk for them.

I would suggest having a single trip insurance for an immediate holiday, then buying the annual multi-trip policy once you have your diagnosis out of the way.

How you would feel - healthwise - about travelling with the undiagnosed condition not covered, obviously depends on your condition and how well you feel yourself ... but also where you are going on holiday. I would talk to your consultant about that, if possible: find out if they would be happy for you to travel without insurance for the condition.

Another option maybe to find a TI Consultant, or general Insurance Consultant who will be able to take your details and search through lots of TI companies.

Sorry to be negative, but I have a wacky diagnosis that does not really exist, and the amount of sheer rubbish that so-called TI 'medical advisors' have said to me is beyond belief. I am considering making my own recordings of their conversations, and maybe writing something about it all.

Not that I'm bitter and twisted or anything.

Whoever you go with, tell them everything: even things you are not bothered about having covered need to be declared, and then noted as 'not covered' by them. Often they have clauses that invalidate all cover if there's something you have not told them.

Also, always read all the small print in the policy - everything.

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Sian83 in reply to GrittyReads

I'd be happy to travel without cover for it (I am awaiting a camera to diagnose which form of inflammatory bowel disease I have) but 1 policy I found said that it wouldn't cover me for any sort of accidental injury while I am waiting for a diagnosis of something. That just seems ridiculous. I'm travelling to America which is what seems to bump it up so much.

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GrittyReads in reply to Sian83

Yes, I guess going to the States will bump things up a lot, as their healthcare can be prohibitive, so any TI company would see anything 'unknown' as a big risk. However, I don't understand why ruling out any accidental injury, I would just have expected they wouldn't cover the undiagnosed bowel condition.

I would try more companies, or as I already suggested, try a TI Consultant who will do lots of the groundwork for you - although obviously there will be a separate charge for their services. I've been told JD Consultants are good, but never used them.

It's a while since I checked TI Companies, and most of the ones I've been recommended cover more and odd conditions, but - in the past - I have been told: Columbus; Medici; World First; Insurewith; Allclear; and ... Avanti (? not sure if I've remembered the name correctly.

NB If the PO were covering 'Everything' included the 'not diagnosed' for £250, for all-year, worldwide, I would either grab it (my last all-year, Euro-only was about £350!) or ask them the cost for a single trip.

Hope you get sorted! And do let us know if you find any gems.

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