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Ibeen diagnosed with chronic endro and have had the marina coil fitted. How long does it take to work? has anyone had any success?

Help! I am 26 years old and had a op last week confirming I have chronic endro. Most was blasted away but some was left behind due to being located on my vital organs. Ive had a coil fitted yet im still in significant pain. can the coil help if endro tissue is still present?

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I'm sorry to hear you have chronic endo, that's just awful for you. My coil took around 6 weeks to settle but once it did I had little to no pain during my periods and my mood swings (which were awful!!) were none existent. I've had it removed at the end of last year to try for a baby and my pain is back with a vengeance :( but I would say after around 6 weeks you'll see a big difference.

Hope you're not too painful at the moment though x


Thank you for sharing your personal experience. That's one of my fears (trying to concieve) I've been told of the coil does not work then they recommend hormone treatments that put ur body into an early menopulse . I don't like the idea of this as I'm scard they may not be able to reverse the treatment. But I can't go in with this pain so hoping the coil gets to work ASAP. Did the pain come back as soon as you had your coil out?


Hi, I had a mirena fitted around 2 months ago and has not helped me!! I know 4 people who have had it fitted and 2 had success and me and the other one didn't! I have had bleeding for the whole 2 months and pain like you wouldn't belive and has made me depressed! But some people it works really well, they say leave it for 3 months until your body is used to it so I'm waiting it out so should you! :)


I was led to believe that the mirena would solve my problems too. However, it only acts within the uterus, so you still ovulate and the endo outside the uterus still grows and bleeds in response to ovulation.

If you had heavy periods before, then the mirena will stop that and the pain from your uterus cramping, but otherwise it doesn't do anything to the endo outside. Of course if you aren't bleeding heavily you will be less likely to become anaemic which is helpful too.

I was in pain for six months with light spotting during that time. When the spotting stopped, the pain lessened. I have recently started bleeding again around my period and the pain is increasing again. The whole time I have had what I call 'endo periods' with all the associated pain from my Stage 4 endo which was not removed from ovary, rectum, bowel, or ureter.


I would like to start off by thanking you all for sharing your experiences with me. I only heard of the condition two weeks ago and informed I had it last week and feel/felt soo alone. You guys have made me realise there are others going through the same problems. I'm still in hospital as I had surgery and the coil fitted over a week ago.Unfortunately it's stage 4 and not all could be removed. When inserting the coil I was that less than 1 in 1000 women who have there uterus /womb puncherd by the coil do had to have an emergeny op the day after the 1st. I'm still in great pain and hoping the cool works but not to confident at this point. Thanks again


Have severe endo and had surgery 8 weeks ago to remove some of it, they didnt realise how bad it was til they opened me up so didnt have time to get it all. They inserted mirena at the same time and have to have 6 monthly Triptorelin injections to put me in early menopause to give me time to heal and i can say that the endo pain has subsided although had horrible side effects a week after the 2nd injection but all seems to have settled down now.

I had the mirena fitted years ago but had to have it removed after a couple of weeks as it was so painful but this time all seems ok.

Sorry to hear you're in pain, ive heard it can take weeks for the coil to settle.

Hate this disease so much xx


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