Is it endometriosis?

Hi all

I'm struggling with my doctor who doesn't want to take my symptoms seriously πŸ˜• Basically I've always suffered from painful and heavy periods and since having my three children I've been losing more blood in a shorter space of time (used to bleed for 7 days now it's between 3-5 days) and have heavy blood clots. My period leaves me physically drained each month but throughout the rest of the month I also have to endure constant lower pelvic pain and lower back pain. I also noticed a small amount of blood in the my stool but my doctor believes I'm depressed although the only reason I would be depressed is because of the constant pain I'm having to endure! I'm now looking into changing GP's but does anyone have any ideas regarding my symptoms? Just wish I could afford private medical insurance as I would've been dealt with better than this. Thanks in advance x

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  • Your symptoms suggest a strong possibility of endo and a doctor should be working on the basis of suspecting it until it is proved otherwise. Ultimately what you are experiencing is not normal and therefore needs investigating. I've not heard of depression causing blood with stools before! If this tends to be at period time then it is another pointer. It makes me so cross when doctors ask people with pain if they are depressed. Would they be jumping through hoops if there life was controlled by pain! Can I ask if your overall cycle has shortened to correspond with the shorter heavier periods and where in the UK are you?

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes my cycle has shortened since having my third child (3 yrs ago). They are so much heavier and I'm loosing clots each month. I've also started having painful ovulation- mostly tummy pains. I have an app on my phone which records my cycles and I am quite regular (give or take a few days) but my periods are only lasting 2-3 days at a time! I was told at 18 that I had ibs and have suffered with alternating diarrhoea and constipation ever since 😣 I've also started noticing pain during intercourse. We use condoms as protection but two years ago I had the copper coil fitted and was told I had a tilted womb. I had it taken out a few months later as I bled so much and felt exhausted but I wonder if my symptoms have started from then?

  • Oh my, it really does sound as if your doctor might benefit from a change of career. You have said so much in your reply. Short cycles are documented as a risk factor for endo but my opinion is that endo causes shortened cycles as a weapon in its armoury to bring about infertility. My cycles started as a 'normal' 28 days then gradually reduced to 24 and stayed thereabouts for some time. Then I had a baby and my cycles afterwards shot straight down to 18/19 days. I used to record all my cycles in dairies along with ovulation pain and when looking back over them years later noticed that my luteal phase (the part from ovulation to the period starting when an egg would implant) was 10 days on a 24 day cycle. I didn't know it at the time but a luteal phase of 10 days is considered critical for a pregnancy to be sustained. After the dramatic reduction to 18/19 days my diaries confirmed that I was still ovulating at the same time but my luteal phase had dropped to a mere 5 days max. My periods were then horrific as there was such a short time to get it all out. So after having a baby I was rendered instantly infertile as if the endo was saying don't think you are having another one! I would guess that it is probably the luteal phase that has shortened for you and so your uterus has to expel its contents in a shorter time and hence the increased heaviness and clots to get it all out before your cycle starts again.

    The problem with IBS with women and doctors is that it is hormone related and so doctors tend to think it is just normal for women. There will usually be constipation in the second half of the cycle when progesterone dominates as it slows intestinal transit. Then when progesterone is suddenly withdrawn to make the endometrium break down and cause a period there will typically be a flood of diarrhoea.

    But as the hormones are out of balance in endo the symptoms will usually be aggravated but doctors rarely get this distinction. There is also another cause of IBS with endo and that is when it is in a common place between the back of the vagina and bowel. The endo is inflamed at period time and causes aggravation to the bowel and triggers IBS. So women with endo have two different potential causes of IBS but your average doctor doesn't seem to know it.

    Pain with sex and a tilted womb are also suggestive of rectovaginal endo. Click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo and on how to find a specialist. Your first approach should be to send a letter to your GP detailing your symptoms, suspicions and evidence as to why you should be referred with a copy to the practice manager. Feel free to send me a private message if you need help with this. You didn't say where you are but if you are in England you will have more options. x

  • Thanks so much for your detailed reply! Everything you have said is so true to me and my symptoms! When I originally said to the doctor about endometriosis they brushed it aside and said as I have had 3 children it definitely wouldn't be that! I'm looking at changing GP practices ASAP and even looking at buying private medical insurance so that I can get a quicker diagnosis! I'm in Kent, England and will have a look at your link x

  • Hi, I'm in Leigh on sea Essex, I've just started seeing a specialist at the Maidstone hospital, he is on the BSGE list,

    Go back to your GP with a list of BSGE centres and the contract from nhs, on Lindles post, make a list of all symptoms and take a copy of endometriosis uk, list of symptoms, and tell him you want a referral to this consultant at this hospital, then if you get no help from him, tell him you want it in writing that it cannot be endometriosis,

    Hopefully this will shake the boat enough for a referral,

    If not, then you should consider a change of GP,

    I wish you luck,


  • Thank you I will certainly give it a shot! Maidstone hospital isn't far from me either. It's good to know that there are good specialists in my area. Now the challenge will be to convince my GP πŸ˜’ Xx

  • Miles from me, but not to bad, as long as bridge is ok, but the closet best centre, the BSGE centre is another hospital, but he holds his clinics at Maidstone, then if you require treatment ops, then you go to the centre,

    Good luck, let me know how you get on,


  • Shame there isn't one closer for you πŸ˜” But at least you're getting the help you need. Forgot to mention I'm also b12 deficient (this was discovered in July) not sure if this is linked to endo at all as doc did blood tests but couldn't find a reason why I was deficient? xx

  • Not sure about b12. But I think I read somewhere that it's a good supplement to take if you have endo, I take an aloe Vera drinking gel, that has it in,

    Your doc sounds more like a receptionist lol,


  • Yeah...completely useless 😁 I used to have a brilliant GP but when we moved just 5 miles down the road they said we couldn't remain at the practice as we didn't live within their catchment area - absolutely gutted as finding a decent GP is difficult where we live πŸ˜• xx

  • Thank you for this information. I suffer from many of these symptoms too, and it's amazing to read your descriptions. It all makes perfect sense.

  • Let's hope we can get the help and diagnosis we need 😁 X

  • Don't give up! Change Gps! If it helps in pain all the time too, this test that test, feeling unbelieved! Good luck! Don't be fobbed off! xxx

  • Thank you! I'm definitely changing gp's tomorrow and hoping for someone a bit more sympathetic 😟 xx

  • Don't blame you hun. I have found this too. You are not alone! Only staying with my GPs to find the actual cause! Got Mri and ultra sound on Thurs. Told on last ultrasound multiple follicles, then heard nothing more...only questions of polycystic ovaries. How can they not know?

  • It's ridiculous that they don't follow up your scans but at least your gp did refer you for one! I've been told that as I've had 3 kids I don't fit the criteria for endometriosis as it causes infitality - although I've read about quite a few women who have been diagnosed after having children! If I mention that I feel fatigued due to the pain my gp claims I'm depressed! She only hears what she wants to hear. When I originally approached her earlier this year I listed my symptoms but she didn't want to look at them! I read them out to her and she still branded me as being depressed....didn't know that pelvic pain and heavy bleeding could be related to depression but hey ho what would I know! Hope you get some news on your results soon xx

  • A family history of endo! and being told contraceptive or family! so family it is once mri done! xxx

  • Lol!! You are not depressed! In pain! I had IBS because of my odd bleeding! oh and fibromyalgia too! Giggles! Dr actually turned psychologist in front of my husband... never laughed so much! Never liked me after I told them this was not the case! Capital numpties, these GPs! xxx

  • The symptoms of endometriosis differ from woman to woman. It is also quite possible that some women show no symptoms at all. The most common symptom is the pelvic pain which has been present for six months. This pain is usually felt like a period pain and is more prevalent during or before a period pain. The other symptoms are tiredness, depression, blood in urine, pain during sex, difficulty in becoming pregnant and changes in periods like heavy bleeding. You may also have blood in faeces during your period. If you have any of these symptoms then please consult your GP.

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