Help, is it endometriosis?

Hi guys, would really appreciate anyone's advice who has endometriosis or knows someone who has. I'm 30 & have been on the pill for about 10 years. I have not had any children yet but planning to. I have just had a CT scan to rule out bowel disease, I get similar symptoms to ibs. I have also has a scan which was all negative. However, I have been experiencing pelvic pain & worsening pain when on my period. From what I have read periods are usually heavy with endo but if anything mine are lighter & shorter, 2 days. I do have worse syptoms such as bad headaches & tiredness though. My first day of period is also brown blood. I read this could indicate endo, I had never really paid too much attention before & just assumed this was normal. Does anyone know if periods can be lighter & shorter, as in 2 days?

Thanks a lot for taking time to read this.

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  • Hello

    Not an expert but it could still be endo - it impacts in different ways I have two heavy days then a bit of spotting so we are all different. Push to get an appointment to try and get a medical appt

  • Yes mine were like that... But only when i was on the pill... Short and very light.. but when i wasnt on the pill they were long as in up to 2weeks and heavy. X ask to see a gynae and see if they are willing to do a laposcopy to determine endo.x

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I will book an appointment ASAP.

  • Hi ive just been diagnosed with endo and adeno, my periods are short and light, I get half day light then half a day heavy and boggy and then 2 days very light, very painfull during that heavy time then just heavy dull ache, my periods come every 23/24 days.

    What other symptoms do you get through out month?

  • Hi. I get pelvic pain a lot, bloating, bouts of diarrhoea. This is what made me go to the doctors in the first place. But in the last 3 months around my period ive started to get severe abdo pain, one time it was so bad I felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach. Never experienced pain like it, but it only happened the once that bad. From what I gather endo sufferers put up with this on a regular basis though. I could put my syptoms down to IBS although a ct showed nothing, but due to recent episodes of abdo pain, frequent pelvic pain & change in period it makes me believe it is gynae related.

  • Everyone is different and I have never had really heavy periods but do have endo. The first question GPs ask is always about heavy periods but this is not always a symptom.

  • So still no diagnosis & still getting diarrhea frequently. Lower back pain, bloating & diarrhea are my main symptoms. I'm at a complete loss & frustrated waiting for gynea referral.

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