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Hello lovelies! I hope you're all well? I wondered if you guys had any tips, or advice for dealing with pms? I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo 7 weeks ago, during the lap they found a twisted ovary and cysts as well as endometriosis. I had my copper coil removed at same time as lap and my pain has been so much better! Only get cramps when on my period now, but still fairly heavy and 7-8 days long. The week leading up however is still hell.. Really tense, anxious and feel like my world is ending had a 2 hour cry after an another argument with my partner who tries to understand but is feeling a bit battered! Upset tummy, sore boobs, thrush! Any of you guys successfully treated this? Xxx

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Hey Melody,

I know just as you feel.

I also suffer emotionally in addition to the usual endo symptoms. I'd say I suffer from really low mood and irritability for around 2 weeks out of every 6, though the low mood is the dominating factor.

Before I was even diagnosed with endo (and after a series of treatments which didn't help), my doctor tried me on a low dosage anti depressant - 10mg citalopram (20mg is the minimum standard dosage for major depression). I took it daily and I found that after a month or two my moods started to level out. It really helped me and I'd definitely recommend it.

I stopped taking it when I was on prostap because I didn't feel like I needed it any more - after all, I wasn't having periods so I wasn't experiencing PMS symptoms either. Now I'm off the injections and my PMS is as bad as ever. I'm trying 5HTP - a natural mood regulator you can buy from Holland & Barrett - as an alternative before I have to go back and ask the doc for more citalopram. It's come highly recommended from a friend so I'll let you know whether it's any good!

Have a read about the two options online anyway and see what you think - hope this helps xxx


I'm fitted with mirena which is working and not only stopped periods and period pains but also stopped the PMS/PMT which I never had particularly badly - unlike my sister who has a terrible experence each month - but it does take a few months to settle and start working but then no periods for up to 5 years. I'm more than past the halfway mark now which is scarey but it has been awesome.

I keep trying to pursuade my sis to have the mirena installed as she is hell to live with monthly, and her kids bear the brunt of that, but so far she isn't convinced. I wish she would do mirena and make hers and their lives so much better. I definitely recommend stopping periods - whether that is by tking BC pills back to back , or Mirena or whatever else you can find to stop the periods as by doing so you also stop the PMTs.


Thanks so much for your replies! I'm glad to hear that the anti depressants worked for you sparkleghost :) It's something that I hae thought about looking into, but similar to you, would prefer to go down the natural route! I was considering St Johns Wart.. Would be great if you could keep me updated about the 5HTP also! Is it expensive?!

Also glad you've found the mirena helpful Impatient.. unfortunately the mirena was hell for me.. as all synthetic hormones has been! After years of panic attacks, depression and losing handfuls of hair I won't touch them with a barge pole now.


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