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When do you get back to normal?


Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be. I was in for an exploratory lap 6 weeks ago today, the surgeons didn't find any endo so still unsure where the pain comes from. I was due my period 2 weeks after my lap, I realise that the surgeons being in there is gonna mess things up a bit, I still haven't had a period but don't want to keep asking my doctors. Any idea how long normally it takes to get back to normal. Take care everyone :-)

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That is such a difficult question to answer so I will apologise in advance for not being able to give you a definitive answer...

We are all very different and healing times vary considerably from one person to the next, for example I am nearly 3 weeks past my lap but still in pain, I did have extensive endo removed and ended back in hospital due to complications, however I really thought I would be back to "normal" by now if I'm honest as my previous procedure was a laparotomy and I healed better from that!!!

What you also have to remember is that your pain is still unexplained and till you get to the root of the problem you will not be rid of your symptoms.

Please don't be worried of contacting your doctor, that's what they are there for, if you are still feeling poorly you have to make sure everything is ok and you must continue on till you have a satisfactory explanation as to why you are still in pain.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

Thank you Lilykat197, fortunately so far the pain hasn't been too bad since the lap however it's usually at its peak during my period and since I still haven't had one I don't know how severe the pain is going to be. When the surgeon had come around and told me they found no endo I had asked what it could be and he had suggested that it could be liked to ibs, I've researched ibs quite a bit and it doesn't sound like that at all however researching into endo quite alot my symptoms sound alot like endo. I still haven't had a letter through from the hospital so I guess I just have to play the waiting game.

I had that problem with my doctors thought it could of been ibs gave me the tablets to try and it make everything ten times worse, but when I have my Lap, it was endo but as far as my doctors were aware my symptoms where similar to ibs. Hope this helps. All the best xx

tootsweet just to make you aware endo is not always found on the first lap, I am not saying you have it but there are number if ladies on this forum that will tell you they were dismissed after their first lap and told they didn't have it!!!

If I was you I would seek a second opinion, it's within your rights to request it, make an appointment with your Gp, he/she should hopefully have your lap results do as much research before your app knowledge is everything!! Feel free to post and ask as many questions as you need, it is very possible that you have a small amount of endo that was not detected, if can still cause a lot of pain and depending on the time of the month the lap was done on (always best when you are on as that's when it's "active") might have been completely missed.

Put this to your doctor and demand a second opinion from an endo expert xxx

Lilykat197 I have seen quite a few times on here that women have been dismissed and that endo hasn't been found on the first lap but then later it has been found. I am hoping to try and find an endo expert in Scotland or close to dundee, where I live. So will keep on looking for answers.

Leesprincess2013 thank you for your reply.

Take care ladies xxx

Keep going back I was 15 when it all started and just found out it's endo I'm 38!! I was fobbed off with ibs for years now I'm due to have part of my bowel removed! So keep going bake ask for a ct or MRI scan x good luck

Lolaloo, thank you for your reply.

I'm so sorry it has taken so long for you to get diagnosed properly. I don't know when to go back yet. I'm not trying to put it off its just I work in a private nursery and feel I've been off too much over the last year for doctors appointments and being unwell. I have had the pain since I was around 14 I'm 25 now.

At last I got my period yesterday but the pain is back and worse, I know they didn't remove anything when they were in there so I knew the pain would be the same. I've tried 3 different contraceptive pills only to try and help with pain but to no avail.

I will go back to my doctor but will give it another couple of months, I don't like feeling as though I'm constantly bothering them.

All the best for your op. Take care and thanks for your reply, I will ask my doc for a ct scan or MRI xx

I only started my job in jan so was scared to death of loosing it! But I was given a letter the other week I though oh no!!! But it was a permanent contract which puts my mind at ease because although I dout I'll get sick pay and only sap at least when I have time of after op the can't get rid of me!!! But dr said 6/8 weeks recovery but when I told him what I do (therapist in a spa doing 8 hours of massage some days) he said it wold be longer! So do I look for new job? And what sort of financial help will I get do u still get working tax credits while off sick?

As for asking for a scan honestly I only had mind done because I was rushed to hospital in oct for the 4th time and spent a week there y they could not do the op then god only knows...? However after reading on here it looks like Oxford JR is very good for this type of thing? But how long will I wait be good if it was in school holidays because I don't need to take my daughter anywhere! Good luck xxx

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