Had 6 zoladex injections no bleeding yet Im in pain ??

I was on zoladex injections for 6 months. for the first 3 months I was still bleeding but the next three I had stoped bleeding yet I've been in the same normal pain!?! Anyone got any info that could help, I've got no painkillers and my doctors said I've to wait till my hospital appoinment. I'm also working and can't afford to be off so any ways to help ease pain would be great!! Thanks Trish xx

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  • have you tried taking painkillers as they do help the pain as the injections is only to stop the bleeding that all i take mini pill but i still get little pains and they only trying to stop the bleeding to stop the endo!! that what i reckon!! hope you get better soon

  • I'm on painkillers but they just make my head go all funny and I'm on the depo injections too both have helped the bleeding to stop just the pain that's bothering me :( thank you for answering though!! And hope your doing well xxxx

  • sadly the injection does not seem to help with the pain. the only benefit from it is keeping the endo from growing more and spreading. however it can still grow but at a snails pace. try to see if you can get into a pain clinic. i did and they have worked well with me. i am not pain free not even close but it has been reduced! hope this helps and you feel better soon :) x

  • Thank you so much for the info Xxxxx

  • The zoladex injection stopped my periods and pain so worked wonders for me

  • Hi, I have had 2 Zoladex injections and have been feeling a whole lot worse! I am due my 3rd this week, but do not really want it. It has stopped the bleeding, but my pain is much worse and constant, I get really bad headaches and can hardly eat. My immune system seems to have given up and I am close to aswell!! x

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