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zoladex and still bleeding i cant take no more

hi i am new today to this so plz excuse me i have had 4 zolodex injections was due my 5th today but i cant take no more i am bein brought to tears at the thought of carring on i am still bleeding constanlty n still in pain i dont know where to go next my gyni is a waste of space says see me in a yr complete to***r

i dont know wot to do next

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Hi Shanihome,

I am sorry you have so much pain, emotions and bleeding! If I were you, I would go back to your GP, or another GP if you have too, and ask for a second opinion! I never used Zoladex, but I read the specifications on the internet and it is horrible stuff!

I have pain in my pelvis and uterus for years and I am suspected for Fibriods and/or endometrioses. To cut an enormous long story short.... I had a lap and a hystoscopy. They had great troubles to perform the procedure, so they decided I did not have Fibroids or Endo. Inspite of the ultrascan showing two large Fibriods sitting in my uterus! They sent me to the painclinic and after several sessions of physiotherapy I am still in a lot of pain and taking a lot of painkillers. So I went back to the GP last week and asked for a second opinion. Hopefully I get my letter soon.

So, try not to be afraid and go back and tell your GP your gynae is rubbish and you feel you have been given the wrong treatment and you want a new gynae. I hope you feel better soon, I truly do.



Hi sweetie I just sent you a message I also echo what wendy has said second opinion sounds a good idea


i have suffered now wiv pain for 8 yrs had a laposrocpy said they found nothin then i was caught pregnant wiv my son had him pain came bk so had another laposcopy and then was diganosed wiv endo was on both overiers my pouch of douglas and my uterine ligaments i cant carry on anymore i know theres not a cure but surely i need help


Defently go back to your gp as I had a rubbish gyne consultant and he said go back to your gp and tell them its ur bowels and see a bowel specialist me and my gp were both not happy with this so she refered me back to gyne and I was in tears as I was in so much pain and near enough crawled in the apt they put me on a spray which does the same as the injections worked brilliant for 3 months then the pain came back so now waiting 4 a urgent lap the spray I was took off at 6months as not working no more but that make me really emotional and hot flush's were driving me in sane but defentlygo back to gp and ask him to refer you back to gyne if its anything like here u see a different gyne each time anyway and the next one might have a different opinion


well here in crewe at leighton hospital i kept seein someone different n they didnt know wot the ova half was on about so now i demand to see the main man i once saw his registar and he was amazing but couldnt make a desion for me wivout askin main consultant so i ask to see main one everytime now not that he knows wot hes on bout not a clue after 8 yrs of suffering he now tells me he is not a endo specialst n would send me to one but its a long wait so thinkin of goin privrate


I am so sorry that you are suffering in pain and still continuing to bleed. I too am on zodalex. Just like you I still experience all the pain and bleeding for 15 days at a time. I was on prostap for 3 months and then was put on 3 months of zodalex both with livial(hrt), now I am due my 2 zodalex of 3 with out livial next friday but still no sign of improvement. As mentioned above zodalex is a horrible treatment and its side effects are really not nice. Demand second opinions at other hospitals as you should not have to suffer like this, get your gp to email a letter asking for you to be seen by your consultant urgently as you should not go a year without any course of action. I am due to be seen again at the end of may and have been told I will need another lap for more removal of endo as I have it virtually everywhere possible, uterus, pouch of douglas, ovaries, tubes, uterine ligament, bowel, bladder, kidneys. I have suffered since I was 9 and am 28 now was finally diagnosed in oct of last year. Just wish I had been diagnosed earlier so it had maybe not progressed so far. I really hope you get a let up with the pain soon just push so much for more action as you will suffer in silence and that is not right.


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