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Pinching, burning pain behind belly button five weeks after lap

Has anyone else had this kind of pain/experience? I'm a bit concerned. I don't move very fast as my knees are worn out and I have hip and back pain but I went up the stairs quite quickly for me as my dog was howling about something and afterwards the area was throbbing slowly and felt 'pulled' and sore/pinched. It's an odd pain - not really like anything else that I've had and like most people on this site I've had a fair amount! Info and advice very welcome. I'm seeing a doctor for heart issue results later and will mention it but I'm expecting to be fobbed off - that's the normal reaction from the GPs at the surgery I'm going to. Thanks for reading.

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Hi there im glad I seen your post because ive experienced this same this several times which has ended me in a and e and they put it down to my endo but not else said as such.

Its horrific, remember we are the experts the specialists get taught and read up on conditions they don't live in our pain, symptoms can ocvur that isn't written in there books as everyone different and its not a box standard disease we suffer it varies and symptoms varie and change.

How is things at moment? X


It could be sign that you have an infection in the wound - so you should get that checked out at the GP.

Might also be a case that some of the endo cells accidentally got caught in the lap hole and are now developing an endo lesion trapped in there- not something the GP can identify from sight - but might refer you back to the hosp to get it checked out.

It could also be adhesions growing from th wound site have glued to something near by -so when you stretch it pulls and tugs on whatever the adhesion stuck to.


Sorry you gave the pain. I get a burning pulling at my belly button. I've had three Laos using the place. Could you see a differences ? If you aren't happy with the care you have at the moment. I changed surgery to get help. I have endometriosis , asthma, had cancer, I've, hs, no cholesterol problems, pcos, late onset cah .


Hi everyone - thanks for your responses. I did have some infection in the wounds to start with - I always get infections in any cuts or scratches no matter what measures I take (and I am really careful). That was sorted quite quickly as I already had antibiotics and new what to do. It does look healed now and no pain from the front - but then who knows what's happening the other side. I do wonder about the endo cells and possible adhesions but was told after the lap 'no endo'. However, Inpatient, I remember what you said before when I posted that they found no endo and blamed my bowel (it was a response that I'd written to someone else in the same situation). I didn't realise that they can miss endo fairly often. So thank you for that information - I'm not going to make any assumptions and hope Mirena sorts things out for me. Be typical if it is caused by a condition the docs don't think I have!!! Anyway, the doctor's initial response was that all pain should be gone within one week and then said if it carries on come in and we'll test for cystitis. I said that I had no other symptoms for cystitis and he said it might just be that I urinate more or less often. I tried to say not that I've noticed but he wasn't listening to me at this point. He then changed what he'd said earlier and said that four to five weeks was a normal healing time from a lap (????) but that I should still give it a bit more time and then see about the cystitis. He changed his tune for no real reason that I can think of. As I'd been waiting ages to see him and really hurt as I can't sit for very long (painful bad back) I couldn't face saying why not now. I was starting to feel the will to bother drain away! I suffer with depression and when faced with such obvious disinterest I tend to just give up and try again with a different doctor. I did ask would you get pain from cystitis around the belly button and he said if the infection has travelled upwards. Surely I'd have other symptoms if it was going along that route? I don't have a fever, burning sensations when urinating or the need to urinate more or less. I do have pain lower down in the abdomen - the horrible period pain hence the lap in the first place. Back pain - had that for years. No other obvious symptoms. I don't know. I suppose I'll have to wait and see what happens. Suffering from major bout of indecisiveness. Thanks to you all. Happy Christmas to anyone who is reading this and I hope that it's an enjoyable time for all. Deb x


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