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chocolate cyst

hi all i was in hospital on Thursday and they found two chocolate cyst and possibly a third what ruptured due to the amount of pain i was in feeling a little better today my question is the two remaining cyst are causing me problems vomiting pain tiredness i don't want to waist my consultants time is it worth talking to him i have had them roughly two months id say well that's how long i have had the symptoms for can they do anything for them or is it just a waiting game to see if they go away any help please

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I have had Endo for over 20 years. Unfortunately I have had a lot of chocolate cysts on my ovaries. Some of these cysts have just vanished and some of them have ruptured... (excruciating !)

I have had some treated surgically but they've always grown back fairly quickly. My specialist told me that they only operate on cysts over 5cm and that the size of the cyst doesn't always correspond with the amount of pain and symptoms you have.

I have had a cyst rupture fairly recently and I was told the pain would remain until all the leaked blood got reabsorbed . For me that took about two and a half weeks! Thank fully I was given Tramadol and I became rather friendly with a hot water bottle, which I always find great for Endo pain.

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thank you i have my trusty lavender wheat pillow i pop in the micro wave i am more worried as i have read on line the old blood can cause things to stick together and cause further problems with fertility not sure myself as we are trying to get get pregnant . i do have Tramadol and liquid morphine that's the only reason they let me out of hospital the doctor was brill and did say if this happens again to go straight back .the cyst have been driving me mad for around two month my gps were fobbing me off with uti viral infections ect i thought i was going mad and imagining things up until Thursday when i was admitted and they finally got to the bottom of it all but i suppose that's one of things with endo no one else really understands apart from use thanks for your help xxx


Hello Sully

Yes unfortunately the blood that was in the ruptured cysts can cause adhesions. In my case, my pelvis has a lot of adhesions from the numerous ruptured cysts and far too many surgeries.

But I've been fortunate to have three wonderful children!

Best wishes,



thank you i have been lucky also i have twin girls who are 6 i had them before i found out i had endo but long for another as only been pregnant once


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