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Pregnancy and endometrioma/chocolate cyst


Does anyone have any experience with getting pregnant whilst there is an endometrioma and how was the pregnancy?

I had surgery in May to remove a 10cm cyst and other small cysts (all endometriomas), which went well. However, an ultrasound in October shown recurrence of endometriomas on both ovaries. I can't get an appointment with consultant until January.

My questions are:

is it possible to get pregnant with cysts?

Are there any repercussions during pregnancy?

Thanks x

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Hi, sorry for the delay. I only joined the forum today.

I have endo but did not know that i had a chocolate cyst until I had my 12 week scan. They told me that it would not hinder the baby's development in any way- mine was approx 10cm too.

The option i had was to leave it as it was and then have a small op after having the baby to remove it via keyhole- they also said it might pop on its own as the baby grew bigger.

In the end my baby was breach and i elected for a planned cesarean and they removed the cyst at the same time.

As far as i remember no follow up was offered to me in regard to scans or anything .

hope this helps?

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Hi welshy, when they removed the cyst was there any talk of how it would affect your ovary? was it straightforward to remove it without damaging the ovary? x abby


Hi Seemavekaria,

I'm wondering the same thing! Struggling to find advice and info, I have endometrioma on both ovaries and want to have a baby as soon as possible, if possible. The surgeon was unsure they could remove the cyst without damaging or removing the ovary aswell, so I'm now wondering about the option of not having surgery (I only have occasional severe pain, its manageable) and going through pregnancy with the cysts - if I can get pregnant of course. So I'd love to hear any stories either way, whether they shrank or grew (I've read that they usually shrink), or successful surgery stories!

Anyway hope you have found some answers by now x


Did you find any method for shrink endometrioma , im drinking acv with molasses and also dandelion tea and often do castor oil pack. I hope this help💋


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