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Hi ladies, iv got a question for you and i really hope you can help me as I'm sure iv been shoved away. Advice would be very much appreciate

Hi ladies, im wishing you all a pain free week.

I had my lap on the 12/11/13 had the zoladex on the 22/11/13 and saw my consultant last Thursday she has told me they removed all Endo baring a tiny bit (which shouldn't be causing any pain for me like I'm constantly in), and that from a gynea point of view they have done everything they can do for me so are referring me to a pain clinic.

One of my symptoms before and still now was very pain sex during and after (sorry for tmi) and bleeding after sex. How is this not a gynea issue? Its to do with that part of the body..

Also whilst going to the toilet today i passed blood in my stool. How is this not a gynea issue?

I have been passing out and everything i have a two year old that i need too look after and they don't seem to give a shit (sorry for language im just so annoyed) about what it means for me being on my own all day with my son until my partner comes home from work with the possibility of passing out and then my son is not safe.

My partner has already come home once and found me on the floor passed out. I'm really scared. I don't feel like they want to help me, they just want to shove me away so their statistics show they have this speed of getting people discharged and it will be classed as success.

Please will some one either agree with me that i shouldn't have been discharged or shed a different outlook to help me understand it.

I also have mental health issues so as you can imagine my head as been over thinking things going through different scenario and all sorts and im driving myself insane.

Iv also been told that my gp cant do anything other than give me pain medication of which iv gone through 200dihydrocodine in a month, you'd think that would show them the amount of pain i am constantly in daily but no still taking no notice of me.

Thankyou so much for reading. It just confuses me how what they say contradicts what my body is actually doing.

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I'd ask for a referral to a different gynae, I was on Zoladex for 6 months after my op and was still in pain, my gynae refused to do anything. Recently I've moved from Wales to England, saw a new gynae and he said that a hysterectomy looks like the only way forward for me.

It is so frustrating not being listened to, I'd ask for a second and third opinion if needed and make a complaint to the local health board.

Hope things sort themselves out sweets, your not alone!!

Nicci x


Thankyou Hun, i have also been told not to go back on zoladex as our main concern (other than my health) is having another child. Iv also been told to start trying straight away my problem is i saw they head of the gynea's in my hospital and there for anyone who i see will still have to go and consult with her. I think I'm going to ask can i be referred to a different gynea and hospital as the way how i have been treated in hospital is disgraceful and would never wish anything like it on anyone. I have to put my faith and trust into people that have already shoved me away and let me down when they are supposed to be the professionals. I hate the NHS system and staff so far i have only met two doctors and they are my gps that actually listen and try to help you. Everyone else has either messed my health or my sons health up and i hate them for it. So wished we had the money for private health care but i have heard its the same docs that are working with the NHS how can they provide a better service? I'm sorry for the rant ot just confuses me and gets me really angry with them.


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