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Does anyone ever feel insecure?

Does anyone ever feel anxious or insecure? I feel like I'm slowly becoming such a paranoid person, since having endo there are parts of a relationship that are extremely hard. Two years ago I lost my job and I found out my bf (of the time) was cheating, and since then I can't help but blame the endo for everything bad that happens, and now I'm in a new relationship I'm scared it'll happen again. Can endo cause anxiety?

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Hi there. Endo is both a physical fight and an emotional/psychological fight I believe and can effect each sufferer in a different way. We have to learn how to cope and live with it and try not to let it rule our lives . . . but this is so blooming hard!

I am sorry to hear that your old bf left you. I am pleased to hear that you have another bf now. There are men out there who are wonderful, supportive, understanding and accept us for who we are and what we are struggling with. They are true men! Just be you, be honest and open and if he isn't one of the men who can accept it then he is not worth it. Try not to over worry about it and enjoy the relationship. Again I know easier said than done! I am lucky that my husband is understanding and supportive and wishes he could do so much more. But that doesn't stop me feeling like a failure to him for not being a perfect woman and not being able to do as much as others and being ill a lot. But he loves me for me and I have been honest with him and try to talk to him when I am down or in pain etc.

Sorry to hear about losing your job. This eventually happened to me. I was in a full time job which I loved but the people I worked with were horrible, backstabbing and unsupportive. I moved on to another job when I relocated, but had to leave this one due to depression and the endo. I managed to get a voluntary part time job but after 2 years they decided I was not wanted as I couldn't guarantee how I would be feeling. They made me feel useless and unsurportive of me and the chronic condition and didn't even offer a way for me to still work there. Just called me into the office and told me to go! It makes you anxious about going anywhere for a job when you have not been supported or understood at other places. I hope you manage to find another job and a place that is supportive. I hear there are places out there! But you know you best and when you feel relatively strong enough to manage a few hrs/days etc a week.

I think endo can also make us anxious about being other places, travelling etc as when we are having our really bad days we just want to be curled up on sofa, or hugging our familiar toilet etc, not out and about. Sometimes when it can just hit you with the pain, nausea, bowel issues it is upsetting when you are not at home. This can make us anxious. Even the thought of having go places in the future ie visiting people at christmas can make us anxious. But again it is another demon of the endo to try fight and be in charge of. Trying not to let it rule us. Like I say endo is not only physical! So you are not alone in feeling anxious about stuff. I have been seeing a hypnotherapist/counsellor in one to try and help me cope better which I think is helping a bit. But I also think being back on the anti-depressants is of help too at coping a bit better mentally.

I hope at least a little of what I have written has been of help. Sorry to have gone on so much!


Thankyou for your reply. It was actually really helpful to read that we are not alone in all this. I am sorry to hear about your previous jobs and how you were treated. I think people just do no not understand the severity of the condition, because as they say 'you don't always look sick'

You are right though, there are places and people out there who do understand, it's just having the patience to find them.

Thankyou once again for sharing your story with me. I hope you are fighting strong and all is well for you :) x


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