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Does anyone else feel tired?

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Lately I am feeling SO exhausted, does anyone else feel like this even if they aren’t on their period?

I am literally having to have naps just to get through the afternoon and it also feels like my digestive system is running on overtime 😬

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Hi yes I am so shattered all of the time. I have low iron count. Do you get this checked on a regular basis?

It’s hard to live like this ain’t it, I feel like a zombie sometimes x

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Pinkyandthebrain in reply to AllthatGlitters

Oh man, this resonates! Sometimes you (me) just need to have a moan and get it off your chest don’t you x

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Ask GP to test Vit D, B12 and iron. Magnesium as well, although more difficult. My Vit D was low, I think supplements have helped a bit.

I think it goes with the territory as well.

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Pinkyandthebrain in reply to Moon_maiden

This is so helpful, don’t know why it never occurred to me to get that checked out!

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Moon_maiden in reply to Pinkyandthebrain

You may come up against it, they can’t really refuse if the want to help. 😀 hope it goes well

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Yes I feel very tired now. This is the first day of me not feeling like shit. But I sort of do anyway.

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Pinkyandthebrain in reply to thara9643

Ah I feel you, it’s like you get tired of feeling tired!

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Yes same here sadly. Had an appt with my encronologist on saturday and I was prescribed b1,b6,b12 vitamins. Along with vitamin D which I have been taking for months now and iron which always seems to be low for me. I take magnesium citrate liquid before bed which helps me have a better night sleep. I Took the liberty of taking some zinc by myself as I read that it helps so yet to see the results.

All the supplement have been helping and I can see improvement but have yet to feel at a stage where I am more energetic.

Hope this helps a bit

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Pinkyandthebrain in reply to Bespp

This is so helpful thank you! Really hope you start to notice some positive effects soon :)

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Same here, every day I’m ok for an hour or two after waking in morning but longing for a nap the rest of the day.

I’ve been off work since December with severe daily pain and now I don’t actually know how I managed to work full time and not be able to nap when I need to.

I remember some days I was so unbelievably exhausted it felt so dangerous to be driving home.

It’s a horrible disease that your body is using all it’s energy to fight 24/7.

Best wishes to you xxx

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Pinkyandthebrain in reply to Lily1986

Oh you poor thing, I completely understand that feeling though! Sometimes I wish I could stop work, maybe one day x

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Try spatone iron water sachets, one a day really helps me with fatigue when I’m having a flare up especially x

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