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Evening Primrose Oil?

Hello, just wondering if any of you ladies have tried evening primrose oil?

Someone i know suggested trying it to help with my endo. I keep going really angry over nothing, actually beginning to scare myself and my poor boyfriend doesn't know what to do as anything will set me off! Does evening primrose oil help with hormones etc? I'm on cerazette so will it affect that?

Any info would be much appreciated as still haven't had my follow up appointment.

Thank you xx

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Hi ByronyBear,

Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit angry. This is a normal reaction to the situation as obviously your hormones may be up and down.

I think one of the reasons that I get cross is that I feel that I'm not in control.

One of the ways that I try and regain some control in this situation is I try and look after my body as well as I can. So yes taking evening primrose oil, omega three, magnesium etc all make me feel that I am doing something positive.

I also get active and try and do exercise, just walking and swimming at the moment as I'm away from a decent gym right now. However as soon as I can I want to run again, running for me, just 5k runs made me feel better about my body, made me feel stronger and actually helped with my pain. Some days it's very hard but I've always felt better afterwards and it have me a sense of achievement. I don't know how fit you are but you could set goals for yourself, do 1k walk, jog, then fast walk uphill until you are able to run. It will make you feel in control.

I also try and eat well. I try and concentrate on good foods etc.

I hope these simple ideas help you a bit. Living with endo isn't easy, it can be very isolating and frustrating as most people don't understand how it effects us physically and mentally.

I hope you feel better. Lots of us out here. Hope this helps. Xx


The vitamins I have mentioned are all supposed to help balance your hormones. Google and look at natural options, endo angel website with Melissa is a good read, she gives advice in a way that makes you feel a bit better about it all. X


Thank you so much for your reply!

I try to be as active as I can but since my op all I want to do is sleep although I used to run alot. Think i may start again, get out my frustration that way instead of taking it out on the loved ones.

I had a look at that website you suggested, seems really good :)

Definitely want to do something to calm my hormones but not too sure if I should wait until I've spoken to my specialist to see what he recommends.

Thank you again xx


I use seven seas health oils, the one I take combines evening primrose, fish oil and starflower oil. I will say though that I had a horrific experience with cerazette, stuck it out for 4 years until I had a complete break down and was kicked out by my family and broke up with my boyfriend. Paranoia, anger outbursts, extreme moods, crying spells and my hair fell out! I will never touch that pill again, if you're having the same symptoms could you possibly try another pill? x


Thank you for the reply.

I think the natural remedy's are definitely the way to go!

I am going to come off cerazette once I've had my follow up appointment, me and my partner have spoken about having kids so I think after my follow up appointment we'll have a talk about our options!



I use 1000mg of evening primrose oil, find it just helps level my out of control emotions, also magnesium and vitamin e!

Like starstellar7 I also need exercise to control the emotional, anxiety and depression side of endo! When I’m feeling no energy it’s a walk or swim. When I have more energy it’s a run or a gym session. Even if I have no energy and feel rubbish with symptoms, it always boosts my mood so I think it’s worthwhile.

That being said it’s an extra hurdle when your suffering. Take care and good luck


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