Bowel Preparation

Hi. I am having a endoscopy on Friday due to bowel pain I've experienced since my lap in August.

I've been given a cancellation appointment so only got the letter/instructions regarding the bowel prep today and I'd already had a small amount of bran flakes for breakfast as I didn't realise you shouldn't!. Do you think its going to be ok having eaten these this morning?

Also can you eat potatoes and doesn't say on the letter

Many Thanks

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  • Hi

    Hopefully it will be ok, there's not a lot you can do if they hadn't given you the information. Let them know when you go for your appointment. Its bad they didnt give you proper instructions. This is a leaflet from an nhs hospital which I hope will help;

    If the bowel isn't clear they may need to repeat. Drink plenty and stick to the diet from now and hopefully it'll be fine. I had a colonoscopy a few months ago so you have my sympathies! Stay close to the loo once you start the bowel prep medication! Hope it goes ok.

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