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Bowel surgery advice.

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Hi everyone. I’m due for surgery in 10 days and suddenly have anxiety about it all. I had previous endo surgery in 2013 which helped but this time my consultant is bringing in a bowel surgeon as I have deep infiltrating endo on my bowel. My question is how good/bad is a bowel resection or how did you feel after having bowel surgery and is it very painful? I won’t know what they will do untill I’ve woken up so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it!

Thanks for any advice x

22 Replies
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Hiya - I’ve had a bowel resection that went really well. I’m still in awe of how you can have the damaged or diseased part of your bowel removed, have the new ends stitched together and have it all functioning again within days!I went in as an emergency, had my appendix & part of my colon removed in open surgery (started off keyhole, but found a mess & had to open me up!)

I spent about 6 days in hospital, but probably would have been home in less time if I hadn’t had a slight complication from a spinal block. I was allowed to leave after I had passed urine, wind and stool (they assisted me with a dose of lactulose.) Once home, my bowels were delicate for a couple of weeks, with cramps, painful gas and constipation, occasionally diarrhoea. But this did improve and it all became easier. My surgical wound healed without issues, and is now neat & faded nicely. Xxx

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MAEA1419 in reply to Purple_Badgers

Hi Thank you for your message. I feel relieved after hearing how positive you sound from it. Can I ask if it was painful? I’ve had two c-sections and didn’t find them too bad so wandered if it was similar?! Thanks again x

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Purple_Badgers in reply to MAEA1419

No worries! 😀 I wouldn’t say it was especially painful (not compared to how much pain I was in before), just a bit sore/ tender & had to be careful of it and not lift things. And had to try not to get constipated & strain on the loo for a while after. Worst part was having indigestion/wind/cramps, but it was helped with buscopan and peppermint tea, also not eating big meals or anything too rich or spicy. Xxx

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Thanks,that’s good to know. Really appreciate it,I definitely don’t feel as scared now x

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I had a bowel resection of my endo that overall went well. The endo surgeon brought in a colorectal surgeon they worked with and the colorectal surgeon did a ct scan and a colonoscopy beforehand to try get an idea of the resection needed.

I had a very high likelihood of needing a stoma so was measured for one the day before surgery. I was very upset by the idea of managing a bowel stoma. Thankfully the surgeon was able to respect the part of my bowel without creating a stoma.

Complications wise I had an internal bleed after the surgery while recovering in hospital. They stopped the clexane injections which seemed to stop the bleed but my job went from 130 to 70. They offered me a blood transfusion as I met the criteria but I was worried about catching covid from it so just had an iron infusion. I wasn’t allowed to eat until the 5th day after surgery. Just clear liquids - Apple juice and water.

I had a hysterectomy during the same surgery and my recovery was quite slow. I didn’t work for 8 weeks and then went back part time and built back up to full time over a period of months. I have been really unwell with endo for about 15 years though - prior to that it was manageable . So I think my fitness and wellness pre surgery impacted recovery.

It sounds optimistic that the endo surgeon is bringing in a specialist bowel surgeon for your resection. Hope everything goes perfectly.

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Ollie2512 in reply to Ollie2512

Sorry so many autocorrect fails.

Resect the bowel not respect.

Hb not job.

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MAEA1419 in reply to Ollie2512

Thank you. Wow it sounds like you’ve been through a lot.Hope you’re doing ok now x

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Hello, I’m waiting for the same surgery so great to hear peoples experiences. Been waiting over a year now since my first lap (which they just had a look and closer me up and sent me onto a tertiary specialist), and just on prostap in the meantime. I hope your surgery goes well. Let us know how you get on!

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MAEA1419 in reply to EndoNorthEast

Thanks and for yours too xx

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Enilorac1984 in reply to EndoNorthEast

I’m also waiting for the same 🤍 also scared x

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Sham_R in reply to EndoNorthEast

I am the same as well, I was given prostat twice in span of 6 months, hence I didn't have my period for over 10 months now but no surgery date yet. The pain is just getting worse and the pain killers don't help either.

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Hi! I had a bowel resection + stoma (8months) everything went smoothly, no pain, nothing. The stoma at first was upsetting obviously but after a couple of weeks, finding an amazing nurse who helped me manage it I became an expert in changing it lol then they closed it and it was fine, small scar. I know I did have a resection because it was on the report but seriously never notice anything down there and best of all the nightmarish Endo pain went away, so all I can say now it's that the best thing I did. I even have 7 month old twins girls now so it was the best surgery ever for me. Good luck, you'll be fine!!

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Purple_Badgers in reply to Alita88

Glad to hear yours went smoothly, particularly the part about stoma. I will need further surgery which has a high risk of needing a stoma, so any positive stoma stories are especially good to hear! X

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Alita88 in reply to Purple_Badgers

I can't tell you what a resection feels like without the stoma at first but 8 months later I didn't feel anything and they'd cut 2cm...last u/s back in June showed it had healed very well, it showed a bit of scar tissue but I don't notice anything and for the toilet situation it has been a game changer since I had a 14cm endo adhesion on my rectum. If you end up needing a stoma don't panic, what one thinks it is is way worse than what it actually is. Best of luck and hope it helps with your pain

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Thank you. Congratulations on your twins x

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Hiya, I am in the same position as you the only difference is I am still waiting for a surgery date.

Hope everything goes well with you, let us know how you feel after the surgery.

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MAEA1419 in reply to Sham_R

Thanks. I hope you haven't had to wait too long. Mine was cancelled as I had covid so had to wait 7weeks after and luckily they found me a cancellation x

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Hiya, I hope all goes well for you and that you make a good recovery and soon back on your feet.I am also waiting for the same op plus a full hysterectomy and a little scared of the whole thing. I don't have a date yet, but I do have a telephone consultation with my surgeon soon. So fingers crossed that the outcome is a date and some more information. Xxx

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I hope you get a date soon and it goes well. Whaat we al have to go through eh! X

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Hi I had surgery today. All went well and I didn’t need a bowel re section which was good. I had a large nodule of it removed from bowel and some from other areas including my ureter. I’m bit uncomfortable and tender but otherwise ok. Thanks again for your advice and good luck for any upcoming procedures xxx 💛

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Crazycatladyjones in reply to MAEA1419

good news wiahing you a speedy recovery and hope it helps your pain! Keep us posted xxxx

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Hi everyone,

I am also waiting for this surgery, it's so comforting to read your posts. It's such a hard decision whether or not to go for it so hearing good outcomes is amazing.

MAEA1419 I hope you're alright, I empathise so much the waiting and not knowing is so hard. x

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