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After lap agony and complications feel worse off than before surgery!

Hi I'm using this for the first time but I always read everyone's answers and questions often and all seem so helpful.

I am 19 and after weeks of really painful stomach aches I got referred from my gp to the hospital. I went through the normal procedures ultra sound, 1000 blood tests and an MRI scan. My outcome was a 8cm cyst on right ovary which my gynae hoped to be endo. I was given an appointment for surgery for a few days later ( the length between first gp appoint and surgery was 3 weeks everything was done with speed) I was told I would need cyst right ovary and tube removing due to size of the cyst.

The night I was out of surgery (15/11) I was experiencing excruciating pain and was requesting medication 2 hourly. The next morning I found out the medication I was being given all night(morphine) was the wrong one and I had been badly overdosed. I was quickly rushed down to critical care.

I was given a ct scan to diagnose any other reason for pain- this showed blockage in my large bowel.

The overdose had also affected my breathing which had caused pain in my lungs.

Back on my ward I am looked after very well after mistake they made however nothing is working to stay on top of pain. It has been about 10 days since emptying my bowel and they have just suggested enema?

I haven't been eating for last 3 days I think is because I am really badly nauseated.

Last two days I have got up and walked to the toilet when I need to go as the only movement I have done.

I really feel like I am not getting better. I have been in hospital two weeks as was kept in over a week leading up to surgery due to pain.

I have no idea what else I can do I need the pain to stop and to recover!

Thanks if you read until the end!

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Aw Hun I feel so sorry for u it must of been hard at 19 to say they were removing ur ovary anyway for u then to go through that too of them overdosing you, as uve had surgery to ur stomach it can cause shock to ur organs and they dont work i had it last time I had lap coz they'd messed with my vowel that much that I ended up constipated for over a week I was at home by then too, I just had to keep taking lactose to help coz it's more like u have pain from the op and constipation together so I know that feels coz there's not many painkillers they can give u while ur like that x I hope u get sorted soon xx


I'm so sorry for what you've been through. That sounds awful! As if the op wasn't traumatizing enough on your body they then made a mistake with your pain killers!? Gee hang in there. All I can say is that I was in a lot of pain for at least 2 weeks after my laparoscopy which wasn't as taxing as yours. So give yourself time to heal. just remember you are not alone. We are here for you and sympathize. I hope you feel better soon x


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