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So fed up.

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So I’ve been wanting to write this post since Wednesday, but I’ve been so angry and sad and confused that i Just haven’t been able to!

Quick overview- I was finally diagnosed, after a good 4 year battle, with endo and PCOS by a private consultant who performed a laparoscopy back in September. I was lucky enough to have my healthcare funded, or I’d still be fighting my GP now.

So skip to know. I was discharged from the consultant about 3 weeks ago and she sent a bitchy letter to my GP stating what had happened, what they did wrong and what to do now. She said now I have the diagnosis my GP can’t argue it and I should go back so I’m not ‘paying’ anymore. Ok get slightly nervous but hopeful.

So Wednesday I was on CD 67, still no period and not pregnant. So I went to see my GP. He was the most awful man I have possibly ever met.

His basic conclusion was that despite him being a obgyn DR he is no longer as a GP allowed to prescribe any kind of fertility drugs. Ok... maybe that’s true.. but he also can’t provide me anything to bring on period, to let me get past this painful horrible trap I’m currently stuck in until my period arrives! He suggested I go on the contraceptive pill for a year to sort my cycles out!

Well a)I can’t as I have such bad side effects of contraceptives there’s a note on my file that I’m not to be prescribed. B) I want to try and get pregnant! So I explained this to him, to which he said well you have a child so just go with that!

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say or do. So I just moved on to pain management.. apparently he can’t prescribe tramadol or oramorf (sp) for me to take home. But it’s not on my notes that if I rig up and ask for it, it’s to be prescribed straight away. Which is great. But once I’m in that painful place and I’m on the bathroom floor unable to move. I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to get to my GP to get it but anyway!

Then he reverted back to fertility and suggested we go to the fertility clinic, but we’re looking at a 6+month wait. And even then he said I may not be a candidate for clomid and I’m definitely not a candidate for a free IVF so go home and enjoy what I have...

I think I’ve only just stopped crying.

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Wth. Your gp sounds like a complete and utter arse. First of All id change Who i see in Future also i think you should, write a formal complaint no One in the profesional caring industry has the right to speak to a woman desperate for a child like that. What a total Prat.

I would see someone else contact your consultant also and see if she can refer you to a fertility clínic. Or at least help you out with meds.

Its disgraceful a year on the pill is he feeling alright he needs to read the nice guidelines for endo pcos and absent períodos i don't know what they are for pcos and, absent períods but im sure they wont be hoy on pill for a, year if your ttc.

Please lexi hun. Complain change your gp and get back in touch with your consultant i know 6+ month is long but if youve got some meds before then and your on the, waiting list the ball is Rolling a bit instead of Just sat still waiting to ser what happens.

Big hugs hun. Im so sorry your feeling this rubbish wish i could make it All better for you 💗🤗😘

Sounds like you need to change GP asap. Even look for a woman doctor at another surgery local too you. I find these understand more when it comes to fertility.

Don't stress and get upset. Because you are fighting your fight. So your bound to be passionate more than anyone else.

Don't let them upset you as your on YOUR journey. Change your go an carry on trying too get help.

Your doing the right thing. Just don't let it get you stressed. No point xx xxxx

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LexiiH17 in reply to Booboo08

It’s hard in our area though all GPS seem to be crap. Even my partner is struggling to get an appointment to have his semen tested. Unless we can wait until the end of December for him for an appointment!! He keep ringing at 8am but it isn’t an emergency so they won’t give him one! And we don’t seem to get a choice who we see, unless again you know 2 months in advance you want to see someone!

Yes so discharge letter explained everything, how she would now continue my care, but he completely ignored it. She suggested Provera (at work so can’t check but believe that’s the right one) to start periods, then to start clomid.

Endo was found on ovaries and womb and removed. And treated for pain management but back at my gp to avoid further costs. But to go back to if issues persist and need further surgery

I am so sorry you had/have to go through that. I understand the frustration when your life is literally in someone else’s hands and they don’t seems to care at all. Hang in there, have faith. It might take a while but it will work out for you.

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