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I ended my period a week or so ago and I'm bleeding again, why?

I haven't had sex in three plus months and it was protected anyways. Also, I have had my period regularly since then. I started taking birth control again last month and then stopped because the side effects were too much. The bleeding is light brown and a little red/pink occasionally. It's not very heavy. I just don't know what's wrong.

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Hi , it sounds like you body is doing a quick re adjust after stopping birth control ( much like spotting/withdrawal bleed when you start birth control. ) unless there is a bad smell I wouldn't be to concerned. If you haven't stopped by monday you could make an appointment with the doctors to put your mind at rest. X


I find that when I'm stressed my period can be about 3 weeks long or start suddenly when I've not long stopped. It might not be connected for you and I am on contraceptives none stop but thought it maybe something to consider? The more you worry about it the longer it can take to stop but I know that's easier said then done


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