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I have bowel bleeding during period.

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I rang my GP who was confused and said she would send me for a ultrasound as she thought it could be endometriosis. Anyone know what happens at the ultrasound

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To my knowledge endometriosis tissue doesn't show up on ultrasound, only things like cysts would show up. The only scan I know of that has the possibility of showing endo would be MRI. But they do the ultrasound to rule out things that are easier to diagnose, I had one and it was all clear as they expected it to be, even the ultrasound technician said it wouldn't show endo up. I hope you manage to get some answers love! Xxx

Thank you x

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Lindle in reply to CryBaby91

Neither ultrasound or MRI will show mild endo but actually transvaginal ultrasound is usually better than MRI for deep endo as long as it is done by an expert in the procedure.

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CryBaby91 in reply to Lindle

I wish they had done the transvaginal one with me now, they said they didn't need to bother because my bladder was so full lol

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SuzieLou45 in reply to CryBaby91

Totally agree! This is exactly how my GP explained the scans to me last week. She also said that because GPs can't make a referral for MRI scan, she had to refer me to gynaecology department in the hospital and they would send me for MRI scan. Unfortunately, the waiting list is very long so I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for my appointment.

I had both a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound yesterday, as far as I know it may show endometriosis but can also help diagnose other conditions. I don’t know too much about it but can reassure you that if you do get a transvaginal ultrasound, it isn’t as bad as you think it will be and it doesn’t hurt. Best of luck with it all, I hope you find some answers and start feeling better!

Thanks me to. I explained everything to her and all she said was ultrasound and gynaecology appointment. She didn't mention which type.

Bowel bleeding with periods is very characteristic of endometriosis. Unfortunately, ultrasound is usually to rule out other things and won't confirm endometriosis. The only way to diagnose is with a laparoscopy.

Hope this is helpful xx

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Cutteridge74 in reply to Dogmad6

I have menstral bowel bleeding and have had for 5 years now! I’ve had 2 laparoscopies and an mri, none of which confirmed endometriosis. The last laparoscopy they discharged me from gynaecology and told me to go back to go and ask for full colonoscopy. I actually rang the gp today and she is referring me for a colonoscopy 🤞🏻

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Dogmad6 in reply to Cutteridge74

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. If your gynae isn't an endometriosis specialist, they may have missed endometriosis, that can happen a lot. I may well be wrong but I don't know of any condition other than endometriosis that causes bowel bleeding with periods. My GP said it was the only thing they knew of that caused that.

I really hope you get some answers soon. xx

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Rizzoli1221 in reply to Dogmad6

Me to. Someone said hemaroids or polyps but thought that would happen all the time not just on period

I also said that when I was told the same thing. They also said that it could be just one of those things. When I had a sigmoidoscopy and told them what the problem was they just frowned and said they had never heard of that before! It is so draining

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Cutteridge74 in reply to Dogmad6

That’s what I thought so pushed for a second laparoscopy which was done by an endo specialist so...... hopefully get a bit further after a full colonoscopy 🤞🏻

Hey Rizzo, I don't think it would show up on an ultrasound. My endo, Stage IV, lit up like a light bulb on an MRI. They just wanted to be sure that I didn't have cancer. Fluid does show up on the ultrasound. I too have blood in the stool when I get my period.

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