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Lap waiting time?

Hi I had my 1st consultation march 25th where consultant found endometriomas and possible endometriosis via trans v scan.

Prescribed pill to tricycle.

Was put on the waiting list which she said was 6 months long but would push to get me seen sooner.

Was sent pre op assessment to fill out and send back (may/june) letter said I would hear back shortly.

Its now near the end of Oct and I havent heard anything!

Have they forgotten about me :(

Really don't know what to do im on my 3rd pack of tricycling pills and near my week break soon and im absolutely dreading it!

Has anybody els waited this long?


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I would get on the phone to consultant secretary and find out, explain what you have put on here, failing that write to them with your concerns , best of luck x


I'm in the same boat. Consultant told me in March or April can't remember now it's been soo long I'd have op in 8 weeks. Rang gynae admissions was told consultants are silly and don't no waiting times and would be seen in September. Rang start of September was told I'm top of list and would be seen by end September. Rang middle of September still top of list, but surgeon on holidays for 3 weeks Oct. Rang middle of October now near the top of the list. Woo.

I'll be lucky to have my op by end of November by my reckoning

So long story short ring gynae admissions to find out about ur op. Took a few phone calls for me to find that out.


Oh btw I find tri cycling makes my symptoms worse. I told the consultant that and he said not to bother.


I was really lucky I was admitted to hospital in mid September and discharged on the Wednesday afternoon and received my pre-op and operation date by the Friday and I'm due my lap on Thursday. You will have to keep posturing them. I have been waiting for scans and it took forever so I rang them and it turned out they lost my referral this has happened twice and then I have had to call my gp to send it again and it starts the long process again so frustrating.




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