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Evening all, just wondering if anyone has been on provera 3x10mg and how you've got on. Spent 6 months on zoladex turned into an evil paranoid depressive witch ! wouldn't advise anyone to try it. Have been on provera for 3 months, ok at first just a few days pain and discomfort when my period would of been and when I would of been ovulating normal for me, but this month the pain hasn't stopped back agony plus all the usual pulling stabbing ,legs ,hips, bum etc etc not sleeping and and feeling panicky. Had two laps last year and thought I was on top of it but now i'm not so sure.

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"an evil paranoid depressive witch"..... Oh yes I so know what you are talking about there !!

As for provera..sorry I don't have any 1st hand knowledge to share on that one.

Others will do I am sure.


I wasnt on the tablets but the injection absolutely hated it and i could of killed some one my moods were that bad and not like that at all! couldnt wait to come off it and didnt hel pthe pain xx


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