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Had my lap done yesterday

So I had the op yesterday and they found loads of patches of endo :( also while routing around found one of my ovaries attached to part of my bowel. She managed to separate and remove endo patches and said ovaries look healthy. Still im feeling rather low from the results. Its good to finally have an answer for all thw pain but im veru scared at the possibility of fertility being affected as I really want children one day. Im sure I will be ok in a couple of days just the shock I suppose. Its good to have a site like this to talk to other people with this condition so any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated right now x

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Hi there

I hope you recover from your lap well, just give yourself time - I was sore, tired and quite low for about 3 weeks, but I went back to work after 1 week - but I do sit down for my job. The shock is upsetting I know, and it is hard to take it all in, especially straight after an operation.

Can I just ask did they say whether your endo was severe? I had my first lap on 27th August, and they couldn't treat the cysts or the endo as there was just too much of it and my left ovary has attached to the bowel and the right ovary is attached to the womb - they could not treat any of this at the lap and they have told me I have to have open up surgery by a specialist endo surgeon now if I want any IVF attempts to work. I just wondered how you had your ovary seperated from your bowel at lap stage when I was told it couldn't be done?!?! Do you know how badly it was attached?

If she has said your ovaries look ok I wouldn't worry too much yet about fertility - how old are you? I was told after endo is treated and cysts removed or drained you have a 6 - 9 month window where your chances of falling pregnant naturally or with IVF are fairly strong. But after this window the endo can creep back and start to form inside again unfortunately. BUT my friend has had 4 laps over a course of several years and she did conceive naturally at 39 - so even if you are not trying for a baby yet you can always have another lap if the endo grows back. Its not ideal - it really is crap! But try and stay upbeat and positive if you can. Anasethtic can make you feel a little low. You will feel stronger again soon.

Take care, rest up X


I feel for you- the op dosnt just affect you physically. I had my first lap last Friday and I'm still feeling really sore and pretty down. My diagnosis was pretty similar to yours- they found my ovaries and womb were stuck to my bowel and she sorted that out and said this should put an end to the pain? I had small patches of endo which she sorted out too so I'm hopeful!

Like you the doc said my ovaries and tubes look healthy so I'm positive as we have just got married and want to actively start trying for a family.

Focus on the positive and this is a great place to chat to people who have been through it! Keep resting and look after yourself xx


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