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If my lap comes back saying the endo is servere should I consider trying for a baby asap?

Lets start with this... I'm 18 and in my first year of university, I don't really know what I want career wise so I have gone to uni to take up time while I consider my options. Basically my dream is to have a family of my own and although I would definitely consider adoption naturally I would prefer to try for my own child. I have servere pain during sex (sorry) and during the day, I have a lot of sickness, mood swings, fatigue etc and the doctor thinks it is endo and has arranged for me to have a lap (so scared).

Basically I just want to plan for every eventuality so I won't be too shocked and I will have a plan. If I am told I have stage 3 or stage 4 endo should I consider starting a family asap? I have the support of my family, boyfriend (although I don't think it is fair to drag him into my mess as he is only 20) and my university, I work and rent a little 2 bedroom flat. Do you think I should try for a family asap if after my lap I'm told the endo is servere or is that just being too paranoid?

Thank you so much for you help x

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It entirely depends on where the endo is found and what they manage to remove.

I am stage 4 severe endo everywhere ..except not blocking my fallopian tubes, so long as endo or adhesions are not obstructing the pathway of an egg from the ovary to the tubes and along the tube to the uterus then there are no endo problems to getting pregnant the natural way.

But if they are already showing blocked both sides then you are looking at IVF or surrogacy from the start, if they cannot unblock that, so it doesn't really matter if you delay family planning till you have got yourself educated and settled and working etc.

The only issue of urgency arrives when you have slight endo on the pathway of the egg and it cannot be successfuly removed and will develop eventually to block the route.

Then it is a wise idea to start trying to conceive soon after the lap if that is really what you can cope with now.

Please don't panic, you need to relax and try and de-stress yourself before the op so that your recovery is all the better afterwards.

Don't try and guess for all eventualities. there are so many possible combinations of locations for endo growth and we all have endo in different places.

Let the surgeons find out what is going on 1st, then report back to you, THEN armed with that information decide how you want to proceed, more surgeries, treatments for endo, trying for a baby etc.

Hope it all goes great for you.

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I went to a fertility clinic so my partner and I could get a baby, my partners a woman!! So we needed a little help. It was only then I was diagnosed I couldn't go forward with having a child until the endo, cysts and adhesions were sorted. I was 32 when I went for my first lap and my surgeon and fertility clinic said I had 12-18 months to get pregnant!!!! To cut a long story short I wish I would of looked into having a child sooner as I got older the endo took hold now I'm facing a hysterectomy! This has all happened in two and a half years! Think hard but after your lap ask about having children as there are some drugs that can help and try to slow down the disease process. Good luck.x


It depends every woman is different you could have severe symptoms and mild endo or severe endo and mild symptoms, I have mild endo and severe symptoms in which i was diagnosed at 19, although the endo has never been directly on my tubes I have still been told that I could struggle to conceive. I am now nearly 24 and still don't plan to have a baby yet because I'm not ready so I don't want to rush things there are always options if it comes to that so don't rush things too quickly just see what the results are and discuss this with your doctor but the good things is your only young so there is a likely chance they may have caught it early for you if you have it x


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