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Stage 4 endo. What are the stats for pregnancy & carrying a baby?

Hi girls, hope you are having good days.

Can anyone tell me what the actual statistics are for having a baby with stage 4 endo? Are there any official stats? Natural and with IVF. And then if you have a lap to remove it all... What are the stats then?

I just want to know where I stand and am looking for hard facts! can't find this anywhere. I've read the +ve and -ve stories on here so I know what can happen anecdotally, however would be grateful for any data you girls can provide.

Thank you!

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There won't be hard stats because it is all subjective. The disease doesn't follow a pattern and what is stage 4 in some women doesn't stop them conceiving and carrying a prenancy, while for others it could mean their tubes are blocked or damaged and even with IVF there is little chance.

I am stage 4 endo, but my tubes were clear...my uterus is severly mal-formed and that's the reason I can't carry a pregnancy, not actually infertile or blocked due to endo.

Equally someone could be stage 1 and just have blocked tubes and no endo at all elsewhere.


I have asked my doctors and gynae but not getting straight answers as i think you wont know unless you try. I had stage 4 and have been left with alot of scar tissue and still endo there but my tubes were ok. But have been told that my tubes and womb might work but maybe my ovaries wont due to scar tissue. so its a matter of waiting i think. xx


Hi i have stage 4 endo and I asked my gynae this many times but was told endo is so different in every woman there aren't any.

I have it on my bowel, womb and ovaries.I tried to conceive for 10 years and had it excised twice being told that it could help to conceive.I had it excised in may 2011 and found out I was pregnant in September 2011 and had my beautiful miracle in June 2012.without any fertility treatment I managed to conceive and carry my little girl.

I had a really good gynae who specialised in endo for my last excision.and I do belies having the operation must of helped after trying for so long unsuccesfully.



I asked my consultant for stats on how long it takes endo to come back after a lap and the chances of conceiving with and without ivf post laparoscopy. (We are very fortunate in that we have 1 little girl conceived natually, but since then my endo has become much worse and I'm booked in for a second lap with a consultant in Feb!!)... He didn't know of any stats on how long it may take for endo to come back. He quoted 40% chance with ivf, but I don't know if this is general or post laparoscopy or for endo suffers or what.

The only study that I've come across myself is here news.stanford.edu/news/2006...

It was done in America in 2006 so is 7 years old now, but it did show an improved chance of conceiving post laparoscopy both naturally and with ivf. This study took a group who had all had a failed IVF course. 29 then had a lap and were found to have endo, post lap 22/29 conceived (7 with ivf) 35 didn't have a lap and 13/35 conceived 11 with ivf...


Thank you for responding. All much appreciated. xx


To cjb-75 .I had severe endo in one ovaries bowel and uterus. I had a 4 percent chance of becoming pregnant and had 9 laparoscopies in one year. The year after my husband and I were told to have ivf or it was now or never, we'd just got married I had a course of zolodex (awful) been on the endo diet took royal jelly supplements and became pregnant with my son.

You must not give up hope of having a child he is my only one but is now 16! He was my wish in a wishing well and I want to give you a hug and tell you that there's always hope.


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