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Trying to conceive with constant pain?

Hi ladies, I was diagnosed with endo in February, luckily quite mild. My hubbie and I are TTC and for the past full week I have had constant pain around ovaries and tubes, both sides. Is this to be expected as we are obviously having sex more often (sorry to offend anyone) or does this mean it may have come back that quickly? Should I get checked out or just continue as I am, taking pain killers? Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Certainly get checked out. Constant pain is often a sign of an ovarian cyst or may even been adhesions. Endo tends to be painful in a cycle with your periods and longer lasting pains are caused by nerve damage (from endo), fibroids, cysts and scar tissue adhesions.

You might also have picked up a pelvic infection (unlikely) but it is something that should be checked out seeing as you are TTC. Best of Luck


Thank you, I was hoping for a different answer, as we all know on here we have been poked and prodded enough. Enough degradation to last a lifetime! I'll call tomorrow. Thanks again. X


What point are you at in your cycle? It may be ovulation pain?


It may be ovulation pain! What point are you at in your cycle? I had these pains and had a scan and the Dr said I was ovulating.


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