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Want to just sit down and cry

I have just stopped taking my pill to see if my symptoms got worse or better? ( drs reccommendation) and I can honestly say they have gotten worse. Before there was maybe a dull ache at worst now I have a stabbing pain. This morning I thought excitedly oh not sore. Lets have sex!!! Worst idea ever this is this first time that this has happened to me so scared me a lot. As in the past the only sex related symptom was bleeding. I started to feel a twinge of pain nd ignored it. Heat of the moment. But I had to get him to stop the pain was so bad I ran through to the bathroom needing to pee at which point I became cold and clammy passed out, woke up just a few seconds later needing to be sick. I hate this!!! And I hate that I still don't have a diagnosis and I'm so tired of it all and needed a rant!!!!

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I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. Hope the situation improves soon - and at least you have a bit more information to move towards a diagnosis. Good luck.


Hi, I'm so sorry you are having a horrible time! I know it won't change things but I know exactly how you feel. I am not in a relationship and haven't been for a while because it is easier for me not to have to explain and go through the ins and outs of it all. I hope your partner is understanding and makes you feel better. Its not easy but if you are in a loving relationship it does help. I hope when you go back to the doctors they have some answers for you. They put me on Depo injections and they helped me. I am now trying prostap after having another lap and finding that the endo is everywhere. I just keep trying to be positive but some days that is hard. I am glad I have found this site. You rant all you want! Sometimes it is needed and does make things a little better. Good luck with everything I hope it starts to get better x


:( I hope you find something that helps soon x


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