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Doctor told me diclofenic is not safe anymore?

I was at a new doc last week as we have moved areas and I was setting up my repeat prescriptions. She would not give me a repeat for diclofenic as she said it had recently been down graded in safety for long term use causing stroke and other nasty things. She signed a script for naproxen. How do you ladies find it as an anti inflammatory?

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I use this greyass and find its very good at dulling the pains, I certainly notice how bad the pains are, if I forget to take it.

Although none relieve pain completely. Have been using this for few months now, couldn't get on with Diclofenac, made me spaced out and zombie fied.

Best wishes x


The risks of NSAIDs causing heart attacks has been known about for a long time, but only a couple of years ago a survey showed that those on diclofenac had an increased risk of 40% of heart attack, and those who smoked or had high BP or were diabetic or had high cholesterol needed to reconsider whether taking the tablets was worth it.

Personally I hope to remain on them. They do work for me and I don't take them every day religiously but only when i feel that over the counter pain relief is not strong enough as the diclofenac does make me sleepy...more than i usually am. I have very low BP, have no idea what my cholesterol rate is and i am not a diabetic, but i do smoke a lot.

I hope my GP doesn't cancel my repeat prescription any time soon. I am a creature of habit and when i find something that does work, i am rather reluctant to test out anything else.

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I know how you feel impatient, I'm lucky enough to not smoke, have low bp and only take the diclofenic for 6 days a month, but it works. Time for a second opinion me thinks!



Yes diclofenac has been downgraded but the issue is long term use, my doctors are still happy for me to have it as I only use it for a 4-6 days in a row and its safer than tramadol which is my alternative. I also had a lap in August and it was the first drug the anaesthetist gave me before surgery and after so it is still being used but with a bit more caution to before. To get comfortable with this my GP reduced my prescription so I only have 10 days worth per prescription. I also don't take the tablets anymore, I have it in suppository form which is lower risk and a 24hr dose which works much better for me anyway, doesnt make me drowsy and doesnt give me a headache. If it works for you I hope you are able to discuss further with your GP and maybe find a way to continue using it. Alternatively you can buy a weaker form over the counter as voltatol. x


10 days worth per prescription is rather mean seeing as you have to pay for a prescription to get it. surely they could give you your money's worth per prescription but restrict you to just 10 days usage per month !!



Poop poop poop..my doc has switched me to Naproxen too. Arghhhhhhh

I said I was happy with diclofenac and knew the risks etc.

He did say i have to try the Naprox and see how that goes then go back to him if not happy and we shall 'discuss' the diclofenac issue.



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