How Can I convince the doctor to give me a scan?

Hi, I got period pain for many years. Sometimes it was so painful that I felt sick and vomit. I usually couldn't do anything during the first of my period. But doctors always said it was normal. Last month I met a Chinese doctor, who said I might got endometriosis. Then I searched online and found I had nearly all the symptoms of endo. I also read stories of personal experience and found it usually takes a long time to get diagnosed. I made an appointment with my GP on tomorrow morning. I am wondering how I can convince her to give me an ultrasound scan asap? Any tips?

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I think it's a bit too late for tomorrow but it's recommended that you keep a pain diary for a month and then show it to your doctor. You can google for one.

Thank you very much!

I'm not sure how old you are but try and be a bit firm with your doc. Tell her/him that you do not think the pain is normal, that not being able to get out of bed is not normal and that you are very concerned about it. Make appointments every month to see the doc and keep showing them the pain diary until they give. Some of these doctors make it so hard.

Thank you sanchia! It's very helpful. I am 31.

Hi, I had the same issue! In the end I was just so sick and tired from waiting for my GP to take me seriously, I went and saw a private gyne, paid for the first appointment and then switched to NHS treatment later and with his recommendation letter, my GP couldn't ignore me any longer.

My GP sent me to various gynies in the past, all sorts of scans and tests and they all somehow seemed to miss a thick, slightly heart-shaped uterus and stage 4 endo with adhesions all over the place!

I don't regret spending that money on a private doctor for getting a solution for my pain :) hope this helps! Xx

Thank you. Again the doctor said it's normal, but at least she'll give me a check on Friday.

as sanchia says you need to be firm and not take no for an answer! if u can write a list of all the symptoms you have and go through it with them as quite often when you try to explain they cut you short and dont get chance to say half of it. be clear on how this is effecting your daily life and that you cannot continue like this. if you already suspect endo it may help if they do refer you that you ask for a dr at an endo bsge centre. if you google bsge endometriosis centres it will show you a list. other than that from personal experience the waits are horrendous, if you are able to pay for a private consultation it may get the ball rolling quicker. im sure u can always switch to nhs x

Thank you. Again the doctor said it's normal, but at least she'll give me a check on Friday. I will see how it will go.

Hi Happymay, In my experience GPs have often delayed progress. I'd make another appointment to see a different doctor in your surgery. It worked for me x

Thank you. That's a good idea. I will do it if I can't get any further help from my current doctor.

With the pain diary also keep note of bleeding pattern including details of clots etc (if you get them) as this help show how bad things had been for me. Be strong don't take no for an answer. I'm afraid that sometimes we are written off as neurotic women. I was told one by a gp "what do you expect you're a woman" and was given more pills to mask the issue instead of dealing with it. It's a sad situation.

Thank you! I will keep a note.

I wouldn't count much happening with your GP. It could be long battle. Do you have private health insurance.? If you do, then just ask a referral to a BSGE credited consultant. GP is always happy to refer you privately. If not, you either have to battle on over many months/ years, or pay to see a consultant privately.

Hope you a good appointment with your GP.

Thank you. Unfortunately, I don't have private health insurance. I will see what the doctor say next time.

As awful as it is, I have always been taken more seriously when my partner is present in appointments to validate my pain and the impact on my every day life. It's ridiculous that it is the case, but if possible it might be an idea to have somebody with you to help you stand up to ignorant or rude doctors, and help you be heard x

Thank you, this is a good idea.

I would definitely take someone with you. God knows you shouldn't have to but if you can take someone who has witnessed what you experience it may help. If you feel this gp is unhelpful switch gps until you find one responsive. Shouldn't be this way but it's so common that gps are dismissive. Xx

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