Why do people not believe me anymore?

I feel like my endometriosis has been getting progressively worse since my diagnostic laparoscopy in August last year. Whilst I'm struggling to cope mentally and physically with the pain (getting no support from professionals) I feel like my family members no longer believe what I experience is real. They think I'm over exaggerating or making it up. Any complaints or passing comments are met with swift "hmmms" or a bitter "aren't you always/nothing new there". I'm not looking for sympathy or solutions to my problem from family, I'm just looking to be listened to. But I feel like they expect me to have moved on by now and to just accept my fate. It's hopeless. The only saving grace is my boyfriend, who's my rock in every way through all of this.

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  • I think people choose not to believe what they don't understand. It's as simple as that. If they haven't lived a day in your shoes and they don't take the time out to really listen and empathize then it's their easy way out to not believe.

    But don't feel disheartened hun you have your other half and you've got us on here and plenty of support groups out there. Don't battle with others that are not interested in learning or understanding what's going on. You need all the energy you can get and trying to make people understand can be very draining.

    When you want to have a moan just come on here hope your OK hun x

  • My brother is exactly the same .. Tells me it's not bad, in my head, to pull myself together, there's nothing wrong with me, then phoned me to tell me my niece is really ill, she's dropped loads of weight, has 'cysts' and adhesion .. hmm .. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo with endometriomas and adhesions .. I just laughed at his concern for her and none for me .. Maybe if I had any weight to actually lose, maybe I'd have lost weight and maybe he'd have been more concerned!? Who knows. But luckily I have my fella who sees how ill I get! I'm knocked clean off my feet and more than appear ill. Just don't mention it to family. Maybe they just don't want to believe we're ill who knows.

  • sorry to hear this. Unfortunately not everyone has empathy for something they don't understand. Easier said than done but its important to try and stay positive and just concentrate on yourself and your own recovery rather than being affected by what others think. Maybe try some holistic approaches for the pain- diet, yoga, acupuncture etc. Seeing a counsellor or support group may also help if you don't feel you are being listened to. Xx

  • I know exactly what you're saying, I wasn't been taken seriously so on my sisters advice I kept going back to my doctors and was always being seen by different doctors (my own doctor was always "fully booked") eventually I had been seen so many times by so many doctors they finally sent me for a laparoscopy and was told today in my follow up appointment that my endo was completely taken out with no damage to any of my tubes or organs. I was told it had been there for some time and my bowel had been dragged and there was a bend in it which was causing my pain with bowel movements. So glad it is now known I wasn't making it up or exaggerating things.

    Go to your doctor and keep going back until your takenseriously, you know your own body and if something isn't right. Best wishes.

  • Some of my family members have told me to have baby to resolve the symptoms till I explain it will come back once my periods start again. Others say their friend has endo and would tell me the surgery isn't worthwhile till I explain I need it as it's adhered to my bowel and bladder. But they are so dismissive it upsets me, just because they can't see it or don't understand they presume it's not a real condition and is just bad periods.

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