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I am aged 26 and happily married and looking to start a family in the near future. 4 years ago I tried to have a coil fitted, and the lady mentioned that my womb was in funny position - did she poss mean tilted?

Anyway since age 13 I have had periods from hell, where I was writhing in agony for days, vvomiting and passing out. I am now on implant but been bleeding cconstantly for last month, gone to hospital with rectal bleeding that they cant explain, and I have had ibs celiac issues. Even tho on implant I have no pain, I ache all over, esp lower back (it feels like something is grinding) and thighs and long suffered depression. My mum has bad periods like me and had traumatic birth with me. Do I have sufficient concern to suspect I have endemetriosis, not dysmenhorrea and therefore difficulties in conceiving? I do not have confidence in my Gp how can I ensure I get this checked out asap? Please advise feeling scared and alone

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1st step ask your GP to refer you to see a gynaecologist.

1/3rd of all women have a tilted uterus or a retroverted uterus anyway in the general population whether they have endo or not - and this alone ca make trying conceive a bit harder because the position of the cervix is wrong for the normal missionary sexual position, so spin around so you are on top of you partner facing his toes and that's one option to help with conception.

If you don't have adhesions sticking your uterus in the retroverted position it should be possible to get it flipped the other way, but how long it would stay there is debateable.


is a good illustration - just look what it does to the bowel too. and notice the pouch of douglas or POD (the pocket between the uterus and the bowel almost disappears making it a super hidy hole for trapped endo and adhesions.

It does need checking - i am not convinced fromwhat you describe that you do have endo - but can't rule it out either.

You can ask your GP for a CA125 blood test which may also support your idea that you have endo. A high result above normal levels is either ovarian cancer or endo - as you can imagine in the vast VAST majority of cases it is endo, but even if you have a ormal result doesn't rule out endo.

If your GP refuses - you can get the test done privately - costs £25.

Rectal bleeding can be endo, can also be lots of other benign conditions like polyps,

anal fissures or tears in the lining from straining to get poo past an obstacle or a constriction of the bowel which may be caused by endo, adhesions, kinks in the bowel, and all sorts - so that should be checked out too. An MRI scan or conoloscopy could answer quite a few questions on the way to zeroing on whether you have endo in addition to any bowel problems or that endo may be causing bowel problems.

None of this is stuff that you GP can diagnose.

You need to be refered to gynaecologists and colorectal specialists to see what is going on. and it is your GP that should be referring you. If he/she doesn't - then sack them and move to a new GP within the same surgery and failing that move to a new surgery altogether.

It ca take a long time to persuade the medics that somthing is wrong and then find the right ones to support you in finding out what is wrong. It can take all your will power and strength of character to push for what's best for you. Never give up fighting to get diagnosed.

It can take years as so many of us have discovered. But the sooner you crack on the better with endo. Best of Luck.


Thankyou so much for your reply, greatly appreciated. Getting a doctors app seems like such a struggle today


Also how can u get tests privately?


Just google private medical care and your town and there will usually be someone like Bupa or Spire or other private medical companies operating nearby. Even you GP surgery may offer to run tests privately if you are paying for them. Some GPs work both in the private and public health care systems and most Surgeons do that too.


Hi there. Since our discussion I have had an ultrasound, which has come back negative. I apparently have a normal positioned womb. No cysts and nothing sinister, but of course the specialist informed me that he would be unable to see my fallopian tubes and check for endo. The doctor has reffered me to a gynaecologist. The waiting list is 8-12 weeks, just to have a discussion about a laparoscopy. I have also since found out that my mother had adhesions on her fallopian tubes, and once they were removed by lap, she was able to conceive me! I have even more incentive to check this out. Anyway I can speed up the waiting time? I heard you can pay?


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