Both ovaries removed at 33?

Hi ladies hope you are all as well as possible. I just have a question about ovary removal. I have my fifth surgery booked for 17 October as I have a 4x5 cm cyst on my left ovary and I've been in agony with the heaviest periods I've ever experienced, I just can't take it anymore! The problem is I've already had my right ovary removed and there's less than 10% of the left one remaining and my consultant is not hopeful that he can remove the cyst and save what's remaining of my ovary. I just wondered what the consequences of having both ovaries removed will be? I'm almost 33 so I'm worried about the effects of bring on HRT for 20+ years. I've tried to read up on this so I know what to expect but most info out there is for people aged 50+ so your actual experiences of this will help lots!!

Thanks ladies

Jill :)

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  • Bone density. You know those hunched over ladies you see who are crippled with osteo-arthritis at 60+. Ask them, and they almost always had a complete pelvic clearance (hysterectomy+oopherectomy) in their thirties.

    Talk to your doc about HRT and other help for bone density.

    Good luck,

    Tea Cosey x

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