Has anybody had just ONE ovary removed?

Hi there

I am totally new to this site. Really hoping some ladies have some advice for me. Apparently I may need to have my left ovary removed.

Has anybody had just ONE removed?

Did it affect your cycles? Your moods?

Did it help your endo symptoms at all?

Do you need to take drugs or HRT after?

If you had a cyst on that ovary, did you get a cyst again?


Tea Cosey

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  • Hi Teacosy

    I had one of my ovaries removed in 1992 when I was 24. This was after being in absolute agony for months/being told I had a urine infection. Due to being left for so long, I had to be cut from hip to hip as on the day of my investigative laporoscopy, they gave me a scan and saw a cyst the size of a gala melon on there. I wasn't told this and was very shocked when I came round from the anesthetic to be attached to drips, drains and bed ridden without even being told what I'd had done.

    So after being told that I'd had a chocolate cyst some weeks later (at that point I was also not told this was Endometriosis!) so my first reaction was that of deep regret that part of my 'womanly' bits had been taken and the worry that I would not be able to have any more children. I was told that everything would be the same as one ovary compensates for the lack of the other.

    I am not sure I could be certain with my answer to you about how it effected me. All I can say is mentally, I was upset for a very long time about my missing ovary. As I wasn't aware of this being Endo, I can honestly say the symptoms I had after and continued to have for the rest of my life - depression,(which I suppose you could say were up and down moods but all that GPs can offer you for this is Evening Primrose and anti depressants) pain, exhaustion, the most heaviest periods I had ever had, with longer than average bleeding than most people 7 - 10 days, the suprise at having other symptoms, hot flushes, weight gain, excessive hair, which on further investigation was PCOS (at the time, I thought that was what my previous cyst was as still hadn't had any explanation). Basically, due to these symptoms, I was thinking that indeed it was due to my missing ovary. Some years later I managed to get another lap done and only then did the consultant who carried out my 5 hour operation, did I find out it was Endo.

    Bottom line, I am convinced the symptoms became worse due to my missing ovary but again, Endo caused the cyst in the first place..... and yes, my most recent lap (3 weeks ago) they found 3 x 3cm cysts on my 'floating' ovary which was not floating any more due to being stuck to the back of my womb.

    Don't worry too much, that is my experience and on further investigation, there are a lot of sites that explain that having one ovary is no different to having two, hormone wise, so HRT is not necessary.

    All I can say is eat to fulfil your optimum health as I am convinced that if I hadn't, it would have been a lot worse/aggravated the hormones more.....

    Good luck and insist you do not want it removed if the cyst you have is not too large to save the ovary x

  • Hi - I had an ovary removed last year due to a large cyst, within 2 months a large cyst had grown on the other ovary so had to have the second ovary removed this year. Haven't had any menopausal symptoms yet at all though so not taking any HRT.

  • Hi I had my right ovary and tube removed in October, and had no periods for the 1st 2months, not wanting to scare you but I have had some other symptoms since and still undergoing investigations. I had had no HRT after my op but since my periods started again they are pretty much the same as before, I have a cyst on my left ovary too and have just discovered I have a fibroid. I still get the pain in the right side I had before my op. Have been very weepy and moody since don't think my hormones have levelled out yet after 9 months. Hope this helps and everyone is different remember x

  • I had my left one removed a couple of years ago and I don't miss it one bit.

    The other one has since given me lots of problems with cysts, but then the removed one also got removed due to cysts.

    As for periods and HRT and everything...1 ovary is quite enough to keep the whole system working without any extras.

    A sizeable number of ladies are only born with one ovary anyway. You only need the one, as long as it is working, to still protect your heart and bone health.

    You can still have a pregnancy with one ovary, if the tube on that side is clear and the uterus is still okay too.

    After mine came out I was on zoladex and then the mirena, so they stopped my periods ---which was absolutely fantastic...and stopped any mood swings too.

    But having one taken out wouldn't change what two were capable of doing to you. Your periods may be a bit erratic after any surgery at all, even dental surgery, so any changes in your cycle could be simply attributed to the op rather than the removal of one ovary. Getting pregnant naturally is 50% lower, but then there is the bonus of no more cysts on that side to make up for the inconvenience.

    It made a huge difference in pain relief on the side it was taken out. But the other one is still working and making a darned nuisance of itself.

    All my pain troubles these days come from the right side where my one remaining egg machine is sitting.

  • Love the comment - I don't miss it one bit! Made me laugh :)

  • I have also had one ovary removed as it had been squashed by a chocolate cyst. Did the doctor tell you why you needed it removed? Maybe speak to a specialist to see if an of the ovary can be saved.

    As the others have said, your body is able to function with one, my cycles were instantly regular after the second surgery but as time has passed they are becoming less frequent - I think this is due to my Endo not having just one ovary.

    My moods were horrific due to the medication I was on afterward the first surgery, but I thought it was a small price to pay to give my body a break from Endo. I didn't take HRT but definitely think this is an option worth discussing with your doctor as everyone is different.

    And yes unfortunately since having one of my ovaries removed, I have had cysts come back.

    Good luck for the next few weeks, will be thinking of you as it is an overwhelming time!

  • How did you still have cysts come back if you had one of your ovaries removed

  • I still have one ovary and still produce estrogen which fuels our disease and in my case causes cysts to reoccur.

  • I had my left ovary removed six months ago. Lately, I've been having pains on the left side again and yesterday was very intense. I suspect a floating cyst. My question is, do you or does anyone know or have had happen to them, that they get a floating cyst on that same side once your ovary is removed? My left side just doesn't seem to be able to catch a break.

  • Hi. I know its been a few months since your post but I was looking on line as this is my issue also. I had my right ovarie removed and I get excruciating pain with my cycle only on that side. Dr.s I have asked say its because the tube was left in. I dont get this and theyll do nothing for it. The periods have become completely disabling now. Id like to ask if you have received any answers yet on a possible cause?

    Thanks and I wish you the best because I know how this feels.

  • Well, you can let you doctor know that you spoke to someone with the same issue and I had the fallopian tube on that side taken out about 10 years before that. Nothing so far, as for answers, but then again it's taken years to get many other medical answers for other issues that I have... so I'm not too surprised.

    Thanks for touching base on the subject. It still bothers me and it's been almost 10 months. I hope you feel better, as well. -_-

  • I haven't personally but I know quite a few endo ladies who have, and they have still ovulated normally, been pregnant, etc - the remaining ovary should compensate.

    In my mind, the biggest risk when you have endo is that if you have a choc cyst on one ovary, it's more likely you'll get one on the other later on - and if that eventually ends up needing to be removed, you're going to be in a very tough situation.

    For this reason, it's important to save your ovary if there's any chance of doing so - if you're just seeing a gynae at your local hospital, I would strongly urge you to see a specialist in excision surgery as what they can do will be more advanced than a standard gynae surgeon.

    If I had to lose one ovary, my only real concern would be the possibility of the other one being damaged later, rather than concern about the removed ovary itself,

    Find out exactly what the situation is - I saw a gynae when I was 17 that I may need a full hysterectomy, before I'd even had a lap, so make sure you know exactly what's going on. If you're having a lap and you don't thoroughly trust them, you're well within your rights to refuse consent for removal of any organs - then if they needed to, they'd have to bring you round and discuss it with you before doing it.

  • Hey I don't know if I can be much help but I got my right ovary removed 7 weeks ago because of cysts. My cycle is still the exact same although a few people said that your period would only come every second month. However it hasn't stopped the endo pains so I was recommended to stay on my pill for 3 months instead of one to see if it would ease it a little. I was told I wouldn't need HRT because I'm only 22 and your other ovary basically kicks in and does the work of both? I definitely do feel a lot better and I'm a little less crabbit if I'm honest lol. Hope this helps x

  • I think people might have been confusing periods with ovulation. Periods happen each month, regardless of which ovary has released an egg, because the endo and the menstrual lining of the uterus are getting signals to shed and bleed anyway. So one ovary or two makes no difference to that event.

    However regarding ovulation the releasing of eggs...it is usual that the ovaries take turns producing and hatching an egg each month. It isn't entirely acurate that this is how it happens, but on balance that is roughly what occurs when you have two ovaries operating normally.

    There are times when each ovary hatches in the same month, and those of us ladies who always feel the painful pop of ovulation can attest to knowing which month it would be possible non-identical twins..or triplets!! with pops from both sides happening within a few hours of each other.

    With only one ovary now in operation, if you were planning to try to conceive, then you should double the length of time for trying to get pregnant, same as you would if you had one blocked fallopian tube out of action.

    Ovarian cysts can only grow from an ovary, so with one less of those, there is an immediate stop to ovarian cysts being a problem on the side with no ovary. Sadly they are usually removed due to cysts, and the other remaining ovary is just as likely to devlope its own little cysts instead.

    A skilled surgeon can cut away a cyst from an ovary and free it up, but if you no longer need the darned thing then get it taken out. They are more trouble than they are worth if you do keep two troublesome ovaries when you could improve things alot by getting rid of one.

  • Yes - mine was removed in April. I had a lap in Jan and was diagnosed with endo and my right ovary had attached itself to my kidney by an extremely large cyst. I had a further lap in April to clear up everything and they ended up cutting me open and removing the left ovary as I had two cysts on this one. I have been on HRT for the past three months and this has just finished, so I'm now waiting to see what happens!!!


  • Hi don't know if this will help but ill give you my experience too! I had my right ovary and tube removed in 2008 and I didn't miss it either, my periods were the same etc. The problem I had is cysts started forming on my left ovary and after having them removed I have less than 10% of it remaining. I have been experiencing horrendous pain and awful periods and had a scan 2 weeks ago and I have another 4x5 cm cyst. I went to see the consultant today and he's going to try to remove the cyst and save what remains of my ovary but he isn't hopeful and a hysterectomy is looking likely. But after the removal of my right ovary I didn't need any HRT and was back at work after 4 weeks and I was feeling loads better up to about 9 months ago.

    I hope all goes well for you and I hope at least part of your ovary can be saved. I'm 32 and didn't think I'd be having a hysterectomy at this age!

    Jill :)

  • Thanks every one for all your replies!!

  • I might be a bit different for this site but this is the closest group I've found. My one ovary was removed in 2005 (18) due to a dermoid cyst that had torsed (twisted) around the ovary and ligament. Supposedly, it had started when I was 15, I never had regular periods really and they never regulated even now- 8 years later. My partner and I had tried to get pregnant for almost 3 years and we're holding off infertility treatments until the healthcare reform in america works itself out. I haven't had any medical problems that I can attribute directly to losing an ovary, in general the only other formal diagnosis I've gotten was ADHD at 27 though I believe I may have had some depression in my life.

  • I had my right ovary removed 3 years ago.

  • Helped my symptoms after they removed it but still struggle with some pain. Struggle with my mood and my regularity. Mine was removed from severe endo. Second time having a lot removed.

  • What happen with your situation have you been getting your period regularly and have you been tested for fsh

  • Hope I'm not too late! I am 24 years old and I had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed 9 months ago because it was overcome with a teratoma tumour the size of a cantaloupe. I had absolutely no symptoms. I went to the doctor complaining of a muscle cramp-like pain in what I thought was my kidney. I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound and the doctor told me he didn't think they'd find anything. Even my mother told me I was wasting my time driving the 45 minutes to the appointment because she was convinced I was fine. In the month and a half between when it was found and when I had my surgery, it grew from the size of a golf ball to a cantaloupe. It was so large they could not tell exactly where it was growing from so I wasn't sure if I would lose any lady parts or not. When I woke up from the hour and a half long surgery, I had been cut from my belly button down to my pelvic bone, 28 staples and 5 days in the hospital. It was a long and rocky road but I had a great support system and I surprised myself by being so brave. It was the first major health issue I've ever had and I was very scared. To answer your questions- I just had one ovary removed. It has affected my cycles so far, they are MUCH heavier than they were before and cramps are worse. I find my mood is fine, I don't know if others would agree, haha. As far as drugs, I was on morphine until we realized I was allergic, then they were giving me 2 Tylenol 3's and 2 extra strength Advil. No HRT. During my hospital stay I was poked a lot, I think they were blood thinners, anti-blood-clot shots and anti-nausea shots. I have not had any issues with my other ovary so far but I should be making an appointment soon. Any other questions just message me :)

  • When I was 1 1/2 years old I had to get one of my ovaries and tubes removed due to a teratoma tumor. I'm now in high school and got my period in 7th grade and as far as I know everything is completely normal and no new tumors have grown.

  • Yes, in April this year. The only difference I have noticed is that my cycle is messed up - but it takes the remaining ovary a while to settle down so I'm not concerned. I had my period 1.5 weeks after surgery (this was my normal cycle), then another 2 weeks later, then the last one 5 weeks after that. Nothing else feels different, though I guess the shooting, 'plinking' pain I feel on my left side about two weeks before my period can't be ovulation any more!

  • Well I'm really, really late lol. But I also had my left ovary removed due to a tumor. However that was ten years ago but ever since I have suffered from heavy and prolonged cycles (anywhere from 7-14 day) Prior to the surgery my cycles came like clock work and lasted only 4 or 5 days max.

    Now they're horrendous, then there is pain that tends to come midway through and leaves me debilitated for a day or two. Plus unwanted hair growth. I've gone back to my doctor and since moving to England several other doctors and there are no issues with my remaining ovary. But it has been recently recommended I go on birth control to help with the cycles and excesses hair. I am going to try it and see how it goes, will let you all know! x

  • One of my ovaries died when I was five years old. Shrunk up like a raisin my parents told me. They told me I was supposed to have a period every other month but if I had it every month then that would be ok. Which in my case that did happen. (Lucky me >.>) when my ovary died I had an outrageous temper, i was blacking out, I couldn't eat anything without it tasting rotten or without throwing it up later, so when I got my surgery my mood swings toned way down and I could finally eat. Other than that o cant remember anything since I'm positive I was on painkillers and I was only 5. The one thing that has stuck with me is I have had morning sickness every single morning of my life. Sometimes I even throw up, and violently. My experience is probably different from people with cysts and whatnot though.

  • I had one ovary removed. It was because of a cyst a day I don't have any problems. It has been 4 months. I have noticed my period has been heavier, however I am 12 so it may be something normal. When I was out the only drug I took was oxycodon for the pain. It isn't very painful, you just are a little a achy for about 4 days. You may have small scars. For mine they went in on my lower stomach. I haven't been modify during my periods either. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Everyone - if it helps to allay fears, here's my story. I had one ovary removed when I was 22 due to cyst which burst, and I am now 55. Over the years I have had normal periods, had 2 healthy children, and now going through a 'normal' menopause (if there is any such thing). Hope this brings you hope x

  • Gives me a lot of hope!

  • Teacosey,

    I have had my right fallopian tube and ovary removed in 2012 due to an ectopic pregnancy and cysts, and found out that day I have endometriosis and cysts on my left side. I am having severe pain on my right side and no clue why when I don't have ft or ov on this side. I hope your pain went away.

    Take care, Amanda


  • I'm 13 years old and had my appendix and a cyst removed from my left ovary in August . Three months later... On Friday I learned that I need surgery again to remove a piece of my left ovary

  • hi

    i am 21 years old and had my right ovary removed 4 months back due to a 500 ml ovarian cyst

    i had pcos

    i plan to get married next year

    ive been told my chances of having kids with one ovary are present

    i want to know if sexual intercourse will be painful

    i defineltely do feel my sexual drive has decreased but im not sure if its due to the roved ovary or just coz im generally very occupied with other things these days

  • When I was 8 I had my left ovary removed due to a cyst the size of an egg. I'm 13 now and I cannot express how much it affects my menstrual cycle. I don't know if this is just me, but having one ovary makes my menstrual cramps almost unbearable. The surgery process was pretty quick because I was put to sleep, being only 8. I got to go home In a couple days but had to sleep in a cot next to the couch. I ate basically crackers and drank Sprite during the healing process. I still have the scars but they're a lot smaller now. I hope this helps. (Btw I just realized this was from 3 years ago! Sorry I just thought I'd add my story.)

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