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How do others cope with everything? Help me :(

I've recently turned 18 and I've been struggling with my periods since I was 13. I've been passing out, being sick, collapsing from the pain, crying constantly and having mood swings which I'm taking out on my family and friends. I have no energy and I'm in bed asleep by 7 o'clock at night. I feel like I'm depressed and that no one understands!! I had my referral appointment at gynaecology yesterday and had been told I have endometriosis and need my 3rd laparoscopy. When I was 14, I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis but after having my 1st laparoscopy it turned out to be a cyst on my ovaries which had burst, then when I was 16 I had my 2nd laparoscopy to have my appendix removed. I'm a nursery nurse so being in this pain and holding babies isn't a good mix. I'm having to have a lot of time off work because I'm flooding through super heavy tampons and pads every hour. I've tried 3 different contraceptive pills but they gave me migraines, I've had the depo injection but it made my hair fall out and now I'm on the implant and have been on a constant period for 6 months straight. I'm just wondering how others cope with everything as I don't know how to cope with it anymore??

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Aw Hun, big hugs x x I was diagnosed at 19 and its so hard but you have to stay strong and you will get through it. I'm 33 now and had many successful years of tricycling marvelon until my doctor took me off it because he thought I had a reaction. I've been off the pill for over 14 months and struggling again but will get there eventually I'm sure x


Sending you big hugs. I suffered from a young age but didnt get endo diagnosis until 2 years ago, Im now 37! I didnt have heavy periods and I had both my sons before I was 20, so my pregnancies masked a lot of my pain. I havent had a period since 1997, due to depo and mirena coil, that was another reason endo was never suspected. I did suffer with terrible pelvic and joint pain, migraines, bloating, bowel and bladder pain. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo last year.

We do all understand the pain and discomfort you feel. You will get through it and become a stronger person, I know I have. Take care and big hugs again X.


Hi Laurenxo,

We’re sorry to hear about how you’ve been suffering with endometriosis – it sounds like you’ve had a really hard time.

We do have a network of support that you might wish to take advantage of. Our free helpline 0808 808 2227 is run by volunteers who have experience of endometriosis. The helpline is open most days – the times it is open can be viewed here: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor...

You may also find our support groups useful as a place where you can discuss endometriosis and the issues you are facing with other sufferers. You can take a look here: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor... to find out if there is one in your local area.

Take care,

All the best,

Endometriosis UK



I'm 23 and have been having a tough time until I completely overhauled my diet and lifestyle and now I control it all by diet. Although it is really hard as a true endo diet is nearly vegan and gluten free it really has helped and I feel so much better. Worse than the pain was the exhaustion and this has really helped to the point that I can now stay up till 10pm!

Sorry to hear it has been so hard, we all understand on here just how rubbish it can be and how hopeless you can feel at times but chin up, changing your diet is difficult but it does help a lot.

:) xx


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