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How do you cope with endometriosis?

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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in January after a long time of drs not believing my pain was real. I finally had a laparoscopy end of feb where they removed as much as possible. Some symptoms have gone but most have just worsened making most days a struggle, sometimes I just feel so defeated, I don’t know anyone with this condition so I feel that nobody truly understands and just think I’m over reacting. I’m taking mefenamic acid atm which doesn’t really help, how do you cope with it?

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Unfortunately there is noway to cope with it. There is no right or wrong way to feel. I have suffered for 16 years and still feel people dont understand. All you can do is just carry on as best you can and try avoid inflammatory foods and things as this can sometime help. We all find our own ways to cope some have own remedies that help. Me I take codeine and diclofenac then have a bath with a sleep aid bubble bath normally helps me rest because pain takes it out of you. It's difficult illness to have but what dosent kill us only makes us stronger xxx

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Thank you that makes me feel allot better, it’s nice knowing your not alone in how your feeling. It’s my first time joining a site like this so I was a bit apprehensive, so thank you ☺️ xxx

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mazzda in reply to Hlra

No worries hun we are all I this together shout anytime xxx

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Nuzzard90 in reply to mazzda

Hi, I’m new to all this too and this forum is proving to be a godsend. When you say avoid inflammatory foods is there a diet we should be following to minimise the pain? I’m not sure I want to live the rest of my life on painkillers xx

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There is diets butI never followed any just tried to avoid things like processed foods sugary drinks things like that. Although sometimes we need them lol. If you Google it there's lots of foods to avoid and ones that will help. Don't get me wrong they only help not get rid of the pain. It is one of those things I'm afraid. It is just about finding what's right for you hun. Happy to help anyway i can xxx


Im so sorry to hear that you are struggling and that your op has seemed to make things worse for you. 😔

I have had a similar experience this year; I had a lap in Jan to excise then by feb I was in agony much worse than before. Now I have been diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain caused by damage from the endo on my nerves. It has left me on morphine daily and also gabapentin. So I can totally relate to how you are feeling.

Personally I get through it with a few things;

- my wheat bag to heat up is my best friend, (in this weather with an ice pack aswell so the rest of my body doesnt get too hot)

- I try to have the mindset that Im not letting the endo or pain win and ruin my life, (helps that I am very stubborn)

- I try to do one thing every day that is hard and pushes the pain, (this varies day to day depending how bad the pain is that day)

- laxatives and stool softners are always good to have on hand,

- this website is very helpful and the ladies are so supportive,

- I do have a good GP that I visit every month or so to make sure I am on the best drugs that I can be,

- trashy tv that takes no effort to watch and afternoon naps,

- live each day at a time (I plan things but my friends/family all know I might cancel or change them at the last minute)

- finally pain killers!

Having said all that I do too still have some days where I dont know how to get to the next but on these I try to think about how many other worse days I have got through.

I hope that helps in some way just remember you are not alone! Hope your symptoms start to ease for you.


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Hlra in reply to livvi_livvi

Thank you so much, this is really helpful. Allot of these things I’m doing, I suppose I am finding it hard at the min to get into that healthy mind set, although in saying that since joining this site last night and having the responses I’ve had, I am feeling quite uplifted, so thank you I’m really greatful ☺️ Xxx

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livvi_livvi in reply to Hlra

Yeahh I think that bit is the hardest part to be honest. But I think that's natural when you are suffering.

I hope you do start feeling more able to cope soon.


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