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Cyst about to rupture?

I have suffered a ruptured cyst before but didn't know until it happened.. I have a sharp throbbing type pain on left side and convinced its a cyst that's going to blow... I don't know whether a it is or b what I should do.. Really panicking. I have a Mirena and endo everywhere and am due on.. Well if I get a period this month.. Very confused and worried!

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I haven't got any advice really, just to ask how long have you had the mirena? I know it's common to take 6 months to work.

With regards to the cyst, I have always been given the impression that there isn't much that could be done, but it's better to call your GP and get the advice of a medical professional.

Good luck x


Meant to say, Im talking about follicular/simple/clear cysts, not endo cysts - I always thought they would drain them. Good luck x


Hi. I had a cysy drained when I had a lap in December last year and had one rupture to time last year. Had my Mirena about 5 months and had a terrible period last month but so far nothing this month...


it could be that the cyst is leaking and causing throbbing pain, rather than being on the verge on massive pop.

visit your GP and ask to be refered to have a scan to check if there is a cyst there, how big it might be and check what it is made off. Could be something they want to drain for you or surgically remove.

mirena does increase the odds of having ovarian cysts so well worth chasing this up with the GP to put your mind at rest if nothing else. Also ask for stronger pain relief too, if they can feel any lump that might be a cysts, before the scan results are in.


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