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Hi all

I have just been diagnosed and have a million questions. I have had two c-sections and we were really hoping for a third child. Does anyone know if having endometriosis elevates risk if having another c section? We already have been told that it would have to be a section and am worried it would either make the endometriosis worse or would cause other complications? Any advice would be great. Thanks

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I had a C section and it neither improved my endo nor did it make it worse.


Thanks for replying. If you have endometriosis before section does it make it riskier?


I dont think so - I was diagnosed 18 months before my C section and it was never mentioned by my consultant for the section. If anything the 12 months after the C section was the most paion free I have ever been.


Thats good to know. Am worried as there may be an increase in scar tissue and as it would ve my third it may not be as straight forward but still trying to find out as much as I can! Thanks so much


I had a C section with my first child, 12 months after being diagnosed with endo following a laparoscopy. My endo was never mentioned as an issue whilst I was pregnant by my consultant and it was a planned C section as my daughter was breach. Given that the consultant who performed my laparoscopy was also my consultant through both IVF cycles and during both my pregnancies, I am sure he would have raised the issue of my endo if he felt it was of any concern. Interestingly the same consultant performed an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago (in prep for another laparoscopy next week). The consultant showed me my C section scar on the ultrasound and it all looked perfectly fine. Hope this puts your mind at rest and good luck with the next pregnancy!


I've never had kids but I've been diagnosed for ten years and have done lots of research and reading in that time. I've never seen anything that suggests C sections have any effect on Endo.

I do wonder, if blood from the uterine wall gets into the pelvis, whether this could cause an increase in Endo deposits - the generally accepted opinion is that, in most women, Endo is caused by menstrual blood flowing back through the Fallopian tubes and into the pelvis, and that this blood causes the Endo deposits. Having said that, many women find that their Endo improves during pregnancy, because of not having periods for 9 months and because of the altered hormone levels. If you breastfeed and delay the return of your periods further, that should extend the benefits too, so I'm not sure whether this bleeding would or could be a factor. I would speak to your gynae about it but it's not something to be overly concerned about. If you've had two sections, many hospitals will not allow you to attempt a natural delivery because of the risks - there's lots of info about this online if you google "VBAC delivery".

Good luck



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