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Is taking the pill or hormones the only way of stopping endo

good evening

I recently had a lap with diathermy and cyst removed and was told I had to have some form of contraception as the only way to stop the endo from happening is to stop the periods.

I cant take the combined pill due to focal migraines, and having had depression before cant take the injection or the zoladex, and didn't get on with the coil.

Im now starting to have anxiety due to the pill but if I come off it then will it come back? I feel really upset that I have to pump my body full of this crap x

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I also recently had my lap and diathermy about 6 weeks ago. I had most of my endo removed apart from some which is on and around my kidneys. They also told me the same the only way to stop endo is to stop my periods using a form of contraception combined pill or injection for example which wasnt much use to me. I dont think there is much else they can do for endo, sorry if this isnt much help :) x


Thank you for your reply. It's a rubbish situation hey Just wish my body was more tolerant of hormones x


Hi boudy14, i had my lap in April to remove my Endo and i am not on any treatment for it - through choice. I did briefly try cerazette the other week but it made me feel so awful after a few days i stopped taking it.

i am going to my go next week to ask him for super duper strong painkillers to help me during the worst days of my Endo x


thank you, I don't get too much pain from it , its just knowing how to stop it from coming back!


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