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Post op day 2

ok so just got home on day 2 of my laparoscopy. Verdict is they burnt out the endo as it wasn't embedded also they found that the fatty layer of my bowel had stuck together with my womb and ovaries with adhesion they have cut these out. I do feel sore but the most pain i have experienced is this shoulder pain due to the gas it is excruciating and worsens if i get up making me very teary..... I can take the rest but this pain is weird and very acute.....

I just hope this was the cause of my pain the surgeon doesn't seem to think the constant pain arose from this and their may be another issue but i am working on my recovery have bought multi vits and b complex vits...i am gonna beat this

over and out


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Look after yourself and don't try to do too much! The gas pains will fade eventually, they really are awful aren't they! Some people say that peppermint tea helps, but it didn't work for me. I just tried to keep moving as much as possible without overdoing it. I think they lasted about 3 days, so hopefully you are over the worst of it.



The gas pains are hideous - I've had five laps and they're always the worst part. Drinking peppermint tea helps, as does fizzy drinks (ginger ale is good, but lemonade or coke help too by encouraging you to burp. It will come out of one end or the other eventually (gross) or be absorbed. If you can get someone to rub your back for you, that my help to get it moving.

The first lap I had, I thought I was having a heart attack the next morning as I wasn't warned about the gas pain. The three after weren't that bad, but the last one I had was awful. The gas pain lasted six days and wouldn't go - I couldn't lie down for the first three days and nights, I was trying to sleep sitting upright hunched forward over a pillow. The only other time it was this bad was after I had my gallbladder out.

Try and find the most comfortable position for you, drink the recommended drinks and ask for as many back rubs (like burping a baby!) and if will pass soon,

Also, in my experience of laps, gynaes have no clue whether what they're removed could be causing your pain so try not to worry and wait and see. Before my last lap, I had awful ripping pain on my right every time I stretched or sneezed or stood up. Apparently the guy found hardly any Endo during the op and nothing that explained that particular pain to him - but since the lap it's gone anyway!

Make sure you don't overdo it in the next week or two - your insides have been repeatedly burned, it's going to be nasty in there even if you look fine on the outside. Overdoing it post op can cause more adhesions so take it easy.


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Yes for me too the shoulder pain was the worst part could not believe how painful it was, slept for 3 nights sitting up with bunch pillows under my arm. No one mentioned that I would have this real bad pain from the gases. It was worst than the lap itself. BUT it does pass, rest is best. I hope all goes well for you x


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