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Does anybody know of any meds that stop pain but doesnt have weight gain as a side effect??

Hi all, last year my gynaecologist suggested stopping my ovarys stopping working for a while to help with the pain but I refused as I was worried about weight gain. I am 27 and in the past year my weight has ballooned for unknown reasons prob the endo and pcos am worried that I go back to gyaene an try this option i will put on even more weight.

Does nebody have any suggestions, thanks guys

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Have you tried naproxen? i have two in the morning topped up with ibuprofen if and when needed and then two naproxen at night. Hope this helps xx


yes naproxen is very good to have!! well i am on the pill and i havent put any weight gain at all every time which i am lucky!! just try it anyway


The thing with taking pain killers is they are just masking the pain and the endo whereas what your doctor is suggesting should actually stop the endo growing further and stop the pain in the process (at least it did for me during the time that I was on it). I fully understand where you are coming from I have gained a lot of weight with my endo and treatment and it makes you feel terrible on top of all the endo problems but I thought I would add that I have had 2 periods of zoladez injections to temporarily shut down my ovaries and the second time I did gain weight but the first time I had it for 6 months I actually lost weight. As it worked so well for me in controlling the endo I would suggest speaking to your doctor about just trying it, have one injection which lasts a month and see how you feel and if you experience any side effects perhaps?


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