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Is anybody the same as me?

Hi, I am new to this site, I have all symptoms of Endo my dr has done tests for other things but I see a specialist on wed as more indepth tests are needed as nothing showed up on ultra sounds or pelvic scans. I am getting all symptoms and pain like everyone else but ive not had periods for over 2 yrs they just stopped. and I am very constipated by that I mean I don't open my bowels for 12/12 days, this has been happening for approx. 4 mths before that I had constant diahorria which I had been having for approx. 9ths. I was told I had IBS but that is ruled out now. Ive no energy, feel full all the time, eat little but my stomach is so bloated I am so tired and could sleep all day and nt. I have painkillers for pain but that does not stop my legs and back from aching is anybody out there the same as me? xx

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Sounds like endo to me hun. Are you taking pain killers with codine in them? If you are this will most defitiely be causing the constipation. I take movicol drinks and peppermint oil tablets every day to keep me regulated.

Hope the consultant can find a reason for your pain xxx


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